Every average Aba girl believes that men are wicked and that’s why they are always extra conscious when it has to do with relating with guys. The degree of precaution they take is now becoming even more complicated far beyond the ones we took during our optical physics experiment – where we had to view closely and through the proper angle before mounting the pin. I had to write this article because the rate at which guys are complaining is becoming an issue which if not addressed may pose greater challenge to our peaceful co-existence. Some guys will have not exhaust all the saliva in their mouth before the girl being played TT on can even say a word and you will be wondering if she was actually present both soul and body. Of course she was but the right pin code (that’s what my female friend call it) which is the secret code to her heart has not being applied.
Despite their stubbornness some guys still don’t say a word and you see them fall left, right and centre as though these guys are living magnets. This is because these guys have learnt to play by a different set of rules unknown to those guys that have severally being turned down. I must make it clear to guys here that persistency in playing TT is never a secret code, instead it will make you a desperate fellow and imagine how stupid you will look should a girl discover you are desperate. You will automatically turn out to be a rag.
Believe it or not, some girls never believed they will ever ask a guy for friendship but not until they have met a Rules Player who discharged his expertise on them. Remember; that they fall for you doesn’t make them less of a girl. So, that’s not an opportunity to take advantage on them.

Caution: I am not telling you this to mess our girls up but to help you attract the most wanted girl in your life. Remember our Blog Name: Aba Is Good, so make it good.
Disclaimer: I want to state it clear here that any action taken or any consequences attracted to you as a result of reading and implimenting this post must not be blamed on the author or on the Executive Crew of Aba Is Good.

Let’s go back to the topic. That a girl fell for you is not because she is cheap but because she is either testing your ability or proving your value.
The four points are;
1.      Never Tell Her, ‘I Love You!’
I have over time come to understand that indeed women don’t understand theory – they want it ‘practicalized.’  Hahahaha… is there really a word as such? They need the proof not the theory and any attempt to dwell on the theory leaves you a wind-chaser. Don’t say I never told you. Stop saying it – prove it. This is because the word love is beginning to mean different things to different persons and imagine you saying it to a Christian girl who the word ‘love’ to her means ‘sex!’ Don’t forget that proving it helps you substantiate your claim.
To some girls it has become a cliché which they wouldn’t give a second chance to listen to. These ones simply believe you don’t mean it.
I know your question now is; “How Can I Prove To Her That I Love Her?” Well, I will reserve that topic for our next article but a pinch of salt I can give you now is that you allow her to decide the best way to do it. If she pushes the ball back to your court that shows she will be an obedient and a submissive girl. Giving her an opportunity to make a choice makes you associable with her. It also helps you weigh her values.
2.      Dress Cute – Look Smart
These girls may not say a word but all of them are full of words to say concerning how and what you look like. If you’ve been in a gathering where ladies ridiculed a guy because of the way he looks you will in fact swear never to look unkempt and you will as well believe with me that girls in Aba are on the lookout for the more nice-looking young guys in town. They want to associate with the smartest, the hottest and the most gentle in the street, in Church, in campus and everywhere.
They understood as much as you and I do that Aba is a business zone and most guys believe that no one cares to look at how the other looks and thus they do not care about how they appear themselves. Remember, Aba is not like every other cities where girls follow young men because of how much they have got although some still do it.
In your being neat, create a unique lifestyle. If you are the type that likes being on corporate wears, maintain it. And if you are the type that likes ghetto style like one of my friends, maintain it. Don’t be a chameleon. Maintain your body cream, your body spray, your perfume, hair-cut and what have you. Don’t do swapping things for them – be unique.
3.      Conceal Your Intention
What you have in mind is what every Aba girl that comes close to you wants to know in just the first few minutes of chatting with you. They are always in a hurry to dump you and as such wants to sieve out all the necessary details about you- Don’t let them do that.
If an Aba girl sees a young man who goes about telling her how much he owns she will never believe that and if she ever tries to believe, you’ve automatically turned out to be a prey who all her friends must have a taste of. These things I’m sharing with you are secrets which I know that every girl reading it now must either be mumbling or excessively concurring to its ‘truety.’ Wow! I don’t understand myself any longer – I just keep on pumping in words that has never existed before. Don’t bother going to check ‘truety’ in your dictionary, this is what makes me Nwa Aba – we also invent local languages and slangs which we will be discussing later.
Don’t open up your identity to her until you are sure she has fallen for you totally. Even then, still conceal some – women like surprises. If you’ve lived in Aba or have associated with someone that came from Aba you will believe with me on these points. This underground work will bring a shake to the foundation of their love and imagination. Women have a pin code and only those who have it get access to their heart.
4.      Be Godly
An Aba girl hates being hurt just because she’s hot. She hates being embarrassed despite how she looks. Aba girls hate being taken advantage of and that’s why they prefer to cluster around a guy they believe to be churchy. They don’t care how many of them will share one godly boyfriend; all they are concerned is to be among the league. No matter how bad they may be, they still love to marry a godly man.
Nothing sweetens them like when at the peak of your discussion with them you suddenly announce your decision to go for evening service or mid-week service. Sometimes they may mock you but they sincerely like what you do. They are in search of men who will give gifts to them because he likes giving not the ones that gives for returns. But some girls still believe that everything given to them must be demanded back.
Guys, don’t let your simplicity and benevolence which are not appreciated stop you from applying this four points as much as you can to attract or make that desired girl in Aba fall for you. You are a living magnet –Remember! Don’t die unattractive.

Bonus Tips: Never make her believe you don’t have money – dem too like money. In fact, who no like money?
I added this because jara (mmezi) is what we are known for but my advice is that you don’t try it in the following things; coffin, drugs wife etc.