Aba is a fun place to be. One among other funny but interesting thing about everyone in Aba is their common use of SLANGS.

If you must live in Aba and enjoy your stay here you must learn to use these slangs. Even our Politicians, Religious Leaders, Legal Practitioners and other elites in Aba know these words and some of them use them on daily basis. 

I’m giving you this so that you don’t get lost again next time you are talking with Nwa-Aba. They include;

SLANGS                                                        MEANING

Nwa-Aba                                                        Aba brought up

Nga-ekurugi                                                    I will cheat you or dupe you

Igbaria                                                             If you mess around

A Robber                                                        My personal person

Ole way?                                                        How’s your movement?

Nwa Yoke                                                      Criminal and a habitual smoker

Nkpofe                                                           Too much enjoyment

Ikpowimpi                                                       Unseriousness

Araagbakwalagi o!                                          Don’t be stupid!

Ino there!                                                        You are right!

Nna a kupukwanu                                           Mehn, forget nah.

Ibie lam uche                                                   That’s good sense (that’s a good idea)

Kaanyina weigh kwa                                       Let’s still be checking

Ozuo-ola!                                                       It has happened!

Dachiii!                                                           Very strong!

Mefiojo                                                          Ugly person (mostly associated with ladies)

Asa                                                                Beautiful girl

Asaanwuru                                                     Ugly thing

This is limitless. These slangs make it fun talking with an Aba residents. In fact, if you know this slangs buying and selling in Aba becomes very easy and enjoyable. 

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