Every day we meet with challenges and obstacles in life that make us go naught. Sometimes the grief generated by these things form a lifetime problem that grows with us. It is common to find people who will tell you that the reason why they aren’t happy with a person, family or group of persons or even a Nation was as a result of what they did to them right-back at their childhood or sometime ago. A typical example was one of the former Nigerian football players whose name I wouldn’t want to mention here that swore never to play for his National Team again just because of how he was treated. His decision to get provoked left him provoked without having anything to earn from getting provoked.
From the zone/city where I’m writing from each day almost every resident wakes up with grief and something against the G.I.P – Government In Power. Outside the infuriation generated by the activities of our G.I.P, we still have among us those whose underground job is to get you angry but as the popular saying has it, “if you can’t beat them join them” some have gone out joining them but my suggestion is; ‘write about them.’ For me I play by a different set of rules. I do things that fetch me ‘doll.’ Even though it wasn’t meant to fetch I turn it into money making machine. If you can’t beat them, write about them and make some money from their foolishness. Don’t bother yourself asking them to turn a new leaf, write about it and you will be surprised to see great number of people who had wanted such information.
Turning those angers, pains and experiences into jointed-words could be another stream of income which many of us has never thought of. That you are not a professional writer is no excuse. As a matter of fact you don’t need to have studied English language in the Great Britain – all you just need is the idea. Freelancers are there to make those words take the form of a book or just an article that could form a page to your credit in the next day Newspapers or magazine. This is a secret only few successful writers who have being making REAL money from writing will disclose to you. They turn their anger into write up. You make the mistake, they write about it. You lose, they gain. One of these men is Rudolf Okonkwo that writes for Sahara Reporters. In one of his articles titled; “I Have Come To Bury Jonathan” this was exactly what he did and at the end he went home smiling with his dollars.
Next time you see things go wrong it is an opportunity to make more money. So, stop being surprised how Writers survive. Chinua Achebe’s books that have sold over 50million copies was a write up of superimposed anger but instead of allow the grief to way him down, he passed it over to us in write up which we must pay for to access it. Don’t neglect your highest assets of words composition. My first printed book was just an article composed within a week which was indeed provoked at the point where I worked with a company as a Serf. Now, can your anger fetch you some money? If it can’t, then you’ve got to get even angrier. Turn those sideways negativism into your own positivism.

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