Erection as it were is not sin either before God or to humanity. In fact it is a gift from God to help humanity enjoy their sexual relationship with their partners but it can be very embarrassing and disgusting if it happens at the point it was never wanted and to people who do not know how to manage it. We want to make it categorically clear to you that you can’t totally stop it by using this our simple to follow tips but you can manage it.

Every truthful young man will attest to it that it has in one occasion or the other embarrassed him.
With the rate at which ladies are beginning to front their nudity in public places, to guys managing their erection has become a paramount thing to do. But the problem now is that most information products have turned their view-points into making money and travelling abroad forgetting that issues like this is worth writing about. This is why we have chosen to offer you free tips on how you can manage your erection even though it is worth paying for.

Guys! Please don’t assume ladies are comfortable seeing your trousers change shape because of uncontrolled erection. Of course they may like it when you guys are in private but not when you are in a public place. However, remember we told you earlier that it is not a sin – so, it can happen to you anywhere, anytime. It becomes a sin when you allow it to dictate your direction.

One funny thing about erection is that the more you try to control it using the old technical strategy, the more it gets worst. A colleague in the house once disclosed to us that what he does most times is thathe starts singing Christian song as soon it wants to surface in the public. Well, how well can this work out? What if you aren’t too good at singing any song? Will that mean there will be no antidote for you? No! In all, managing erection is possible and the embarrassment will totally stop only if you can just accept to follow these simple tips.

To effectively manage unwanted erection, follow these simple rules;

Rule 1
Reposition yourself by hiding the erection
Don’t let anyone know, not even your closest friend (either male or female) know what you are battling with. Hide it as much as you can by repositioning yourself. If you’ve been standing before it happened, sit down and cross your legs. Of course you must do that ‘codedly.’ 

Sometimes repositioning yourself might include putting your hands into your pockets and then insist a lady do not put her hands into your pocket.Hahahaha…. This is quite funny! I hope you know there’s connectivity between where the penis lands with where the front trousers pocket ends? Give no one that chance unless you want to be even more embarrassed than you’ve been. Make this a natural walking style until you are sure it has fully subsided. You might even look smarter than you’ve been.

Rule 2
Know the kind of underwear you put on
Some pants on its own naturally instigate unwanted erection and some, can confidently control it. Some guys who knew this earlier has opted to wearing female pants – the one string. (We aren’t suggesting that in any way).

Wearing the right underwear will help you save the shame. We did suggest you wear tight and thicker underwear – although researches have shown that it is not good for your health.

Rule 3
Distract everyone around about what is happening within
To effectively distract others from what’s happening within and yet manage your unwanted erection, pretend to be lost in an interesting article, book, magazine or any other readable material near you. In cases where there’s no material near you, use your phone. Just claim to be busy.

Rule 4
Change your mindset
Everything that happens happens first in the mind. It is believed that the mind is the most sensitive sex organ in the body. No wonder it is common with guys that whenever they see a lady who’s half naked or in some cases fully dressed, they start having erection. This is because such person’s mindset is not right. Stop meditating about sex. Always thinking about sex makes you have unwanted erection.

Rule 5
Tuck the erection below your belt
This style is easier for those who wear oversized trousers with the waist a bit bigger than their normal waist wherein they can tuck in the erection.
Warning: Only good and gentle tuckers can this maneuver. 

Rule 6
Walk Away From Everyone Present There

Rule 7
Put Some Cold Things on Your Laps

Rule 8
Bite Your Tongue

(Sometimes this doesn’t really work out but some advices we got told us that it does).

Rule 9
Take an Excuse and Move into the Restroom

There are so many other points which we wish to have disclosed to you here but let’s leave it up to you to complete through your comments. Tell us the one that works faster for you, your friend or your boyfriend.
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