UNDERSTANDING NEW PRODUCT MARKETING

Marketing is one aspect of our lives which whatever we seen to learn in schools does not fully define. If you must practice marketing and get the desired result out of it, you must be ready to do some of the things I will be explaining to you here.

You can never make a good Marketer until you have learnt to sell yourself to the market. This is a very pivotal aspect only few of our marketers understand. They go straight preaching about their products when they have not learnt to market themselves. Most times you will see that this people are indeed not marketable, either because of the way they dress, their choice of words or inability to master the product they are marketing. Before you launch out, develop your marketing plan. It may not really be easy or the best at the first point but over time you can always make amends.

The years I have been into product marketing (especially new products) have helped me realize the fact that there’s a clear distinction between what we learn in Schools and what we have the natural ability to do if we add our best. I’m saying this because I spent my years as a Physics student learning the Science of Marketing because I know that is the bottom-line of whatever we may go to school to study. Imagine yourself having what the world needs but do not know how best to communicate with the end-users, you are automatically forced to get frustrated along the line. Okay, what if it never occurred to you that your product has moved from ‘a nice-to-have’ to ‘a must-have’, you may go on de-valuing yourself not knowing that the opportunity to make more sales has come.

In provocative marketing you must learn ‘deal making’ and negotiation (win/win) strategy. Yes! It is believed that whoever opens the sales first is most likely going to gain more at market closure. But in some cases this is not true. The provocative marketing which creates a lasting impact I want you to know here is the type that won’t make your customers feel cheated after buying your product. Make it clear to them (without verbal expression) that this is s deal, a win/win game and a product they may never get at the same rate elsewhere. But in doing this ensure you don’t exaggerate. Show them some things we may likely refer to as the secret of best product. Tell them that this is a secret and that it is not everybody that will show them that. 

There are unsaid words, unexpressed surprises and anger that keep popping out anytime you are trying to market your product or services to a customer. This is not something you will have to ask the customer, you’ve got to find it out yourself. Now, how do you do this? Well, it has happened to me several times on the cause of trying to market my product and I also know it has as well happened to you. I may not be going in details here but the summary of what I did was to watch their body language. Body language is a very crucial tool to every marketer who wants to make the best out of marketing. When you listen, watch attentively and understand the body language of your customer it will help you know when extra explanation (trying to convince them) won’t be necessary. It help you understand if you really need to come again or go from there. Experiment have shown that some customers don’t buy at the first time they are seeing a product (especially those that hate impromptu spending) but does on the second rounds. When you learn body language, you have gained over 55% possibility of making sales and return sales.

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