… knowing why gives you an advantage over your competitors

Customers buy for certain reasons and for other reasons too they don’t. This is how it relates to how we spend our money on daily basis. Anyone who monitors and eventually masters  why customers buy and why they don’t has automatically gained 80 percent share of every sales made in a day, a month or in a year. Sometimes you may wonder why it is so! So also I did wonder in the past until I learnt it. Now I can sell to anyone, anywhere not because I am magical but because God has helped me understand why customers buy. In this awesome article I will be explaining few of my findings [which I can afford to share for free – others are reserved on consultancy level] why customers buy and why they don’t. Please don’t exit your browser, give me few minutes of your attention let’s discuss on issues that will transform your business. Notwithstanding the area you operate on the CashFlow Quadrant, you really need to read this.

How it all began
When I went into product marketing newly I was dangling between numerous opinions of where to position my product and where to find people who will patronise me. In fact, for the first year I was always finding myself among people who never had value for what I promote. Within that period, it was as if everything I saw was rejection. But thanks to my millionaire mentors who God used to tell me why customers buy and why they don’t. This helped in my decision to engage in those activities that make them buy; avoid the ones that scare them away and overcome rejection and its fear in product marketing.

Customers are the lifeblood of every business and those business owners who don’t care to know why these customers buy and why they don’t either whirl up or suffer business setback. Zig Ziglar’s opinion about customers tells us that their complaint is a huge opportunity for more business.

Customers are one of the most sensitive people in the world. They are always careful to know when a product is being push on them and when a product is luring them by the power of its efficacy to solve a problem. You must understand this that one among other reasons why people (customers) buy is because they have a problem seeking for a solution, a need and an urge that is seeking for satisfaction. Now, have you seen why so many products of yours [tangible and intangible] have remained unsold? When customers can’t figure out in a short while the value they will derive by buying a product, I can assure with 100% guarantee that such product will remain unsold or if eventually sold it will be at auction. Most times they are not interested to know your company background, how many years you’ve been in business or the calibre of persons that also use the product – their interest is what they can gain for buying with their hard or soft earned money. If your product can’t answer to that you are automatically kicked out.

Next time you go marketing follow one of my Mentor’s rule of First Thing First. Tell them what they need to hear not what you want. Customers don’t buy because they share common values of culture, tribe or same religion with you but because you’ve got what they are ready to pay for. This has nothing to do with discouraging brotherhood. But let this encouragement not be at your own detriment. The rule of business says you should not do business with someone you don’t trust and believe me, if you break the rule the serpent of disappointment and frustration will bite you.

Customers are always seeking for whom to confide in. Don’t wait to be told before you swing into action. By studying their choice of words and the tone of their voice you will ultimately deliver their demands.

Take Action
I am saying all these because your happiness is my happiness, your success is my success and my dream is tied around assisting you make more sales, increase the influx of customers into your business environment and to raise your trust and believe in God. I am raised to encourage Entrepreneurs to perform at their peak but my encouragement will bear no fruit if you refuse to take action. I am of the belief that “to know and not act like one who knows is really not to know.

Strategy + Action = Positive Result

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