Okoro Chinedu Vincent Quotes

Okoro Chinedu Vincent - Dynamic Author

 “No one is a failure in life. So never look down on anybody you see”
“For transformation to take its shape, writers power  are highly required”
“What that makes a man, is that trait he has  that another lacks”
“What you yourself matters a lot. If you call yourself impotent, so shall it be”
“You can never be Aristotle, neither Plato. But you can be above them ,if only you are ready to work eighty-four hours without a rest”
“Don’t be a man of procrastination because, it melts that greatness in you”
“As a writer, let what you write speak for you”
“There is no way you can compare a blind man with a vision to a man that has two eyes wide open but has no vision”
“ Never allow your age to be a striker to your  talent”
“Be sincere to yourself if you have justified a quarter of your purpose on this earth”
“Some people are like birds without wings”
“There are two people I have seen so far, history makers and history takers”
“The more you mingle with a man that has missed his track, the more you lead yourself out of your own track”