The Rape of a Nation

Written by Ifeani Enoch Onuoha

 The Rape of a Nation 

She was brutally raped
By beasts in human form.

They came in armored vehicles
With tinted glasses
And official plate numbers.

Some wore agbada, etibo and designer suit.

They deceived her with their sweet tongues
Telling her they want to show her love
And she opened her door
And welcomed them.

They pounced on her
And raped her one by one
Without mercy.

They downloaded their venom into her
Alas! She is pregnant
Oh! What a mess.

A beauty queen can't walk head high again
Because of shame.

She sights a group of ladies
Some in low cut hair
Some covered their hair with gele
And wore native attires
They are mothers and nurturers she thought
But they were civilized murderers.

The murderers feast and party with the beasts
Instead of coming to save her.
They mock her with their scholarship in queens english.

Her belly is fastly protruding
What will she deliver?
A combination of corruption, injustice, abuse of power and greed.

We must save her now or face doom
Let's give her anti-retrovirals
And save her baby
From the disease of the fathers
She needs holistic recovery.

Next time she must put on iron pant and be mindful who she opens her door for.

About the Author:

Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha
Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha is a higher life coach, human capacity developer, book reviewer, inspirational speaker. He is a young sage, transformational leader and social entrepreneur who is MAD - Making A Difference. This self-help maven is fired up to make our cosmos a haven for all.

As an overcomer and winner, Ifeanyi uses his sagacity and giftedness in helping people be their best and make their dreams come alive. He believes and confesses that his ability was bestowed upon him by divinity to better humanity. He has been featured by Vanguard News as one of the young Nigerians making the difference and is recognized by as a talent in the spotlight. He is the July model of the 2014 Brotha's With Ink calendar.

Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha writes for magazines and websites. His poems, quotes, articles and other works are greatly impacting lives globally. He is the author of the life-enriching books: Overcoming the Challenges of Life, Leadership Torch, and Wisdom of Winners available in global leading book stores. He is also a ghostwriter. This high lifer and pen pro enjoys reading, writing and connecting with great minds.