Abia 2015: Group Endorse Dr Uchechukwu Sampson Ogah

The 2015 general elections is upon us, political alignment, realignment and horse trading for the futures of local governments, states, legislative assemblies and the federal executive will be decided in the coming weeks and months.

State wise, a few states have moved forward since the 2011 general elections yet many more have remained in the doldrums and are yet out of the woods.

The next four years is very crucial in the political history of Nigeria but more so in a few states than others, it is more apt in Abia, God’s own state. For Abians the question should be; are we ready to stand among the comity of states in Nigeria? Are we as Abians ready to harness our God given human and materials resources to our benefit?
Uche Sampson Ogah

The race to occupy the post as Chief Executive Governor of Abia state in 2015 is nearing its climax, but before the various party delegates make their choices, let’s spare a thought to what is indeed the Abia state of our dream, the various gladiators jostling for the Abia top job and who could lead us to the promised land. There are pertinent questions requiring answers if we as a people hope to actualize the dream and potentials of this state; Do we mortgage the hope and aspiration of the youths of Abia state today for the interest of few? Do we scarify professionalism and competence on the altar of zoning? These are the core questions that should occupy our mind as election 2015 draws yet closer.

The need for a move from political and civil service governance which Abia state have been under over the past 15 years of democratic rule in Nigeria to core professional leadership and governance is even more now than before.  Many states currently witnessing economic growth domestically alongside great stride in human, infrastructural and capital development have achieved thus far owing to simple fact that they’ve somehow allowed core professionals at their helm in the last few years, a few states readily comes to mind; Peter Obi (Anambra, now continued by Willie Obiano) Godswil Akpabio (Akwa Ibom), Liyel Imoke (Cross River), Rotimi Amaechi (Rivers) ironically these are either our brothers or our neighbours. Now is the time for Abia state to take the same leap and handover the state with its huge economic and industrial potentials to a seasoned professional whose achievement, aspiration and dreams match perfectly with the Abia state of our dream.

One name majority of Abians see as the perfect fit for governor of Abia state come 2015 is Dr Uchechukwu Samson Ogah (OON) (FCA) president Masters Energy Group and they might just in fact be right. Of all the contenders for the Abia state government house, none possess the pedigree to reposition Abia State than Dr Uche Ogah.

From being a mere paid employee in the banking sector with Zenith Bank PLC, Dr Ogah rose to being a regional manager. The zeal to affect people led to his voluntary resignation after 15 years at Zenith to start Masters Energy Group. Foraying into the private sector, his brainchild Masters Energy group has grown in leaps, now one of Nigeria’s foremost and growing conglomerate with more than 25 subsidiaries spanning from Oil and Gas to Construction, Shipping, Agriculture, Banking, Engineering, household etc with more than 6,000 staffs and growing, the success story of Masters Energy Group is simply outstanding and one to be told another day.

A firm believer in his people and in pursuit of Abia state of his dream, Dr Ogah established ABSA Petro-Chemical industry in his native Isikwuato LGA. On completion, the ABSA Petro-Chemical city is expected to grow the economy of Abia state between 22-30% annually and increase local employment rate by 36%. An estimated 42,000 Nigerian especially Abians will find source of livelihood at the ABSA Industrial city. Already seven companies with interest in fertilizer production, noodles production, engine oil and lubricant plant, mechanized palm oil production plant are about 80% completion at the ABSA industrial city. What an investment! What a plan!! What a future!!

What are the profiles, achievements, antecedents of all the gladiators in the race so far? Who’s the perfect fit? Who has the charisma? Who has the desire?

The general feeling amongst Abians irrespective of political affiliation, religion or bloc is for Abia state to be up on its feet again. ‘Odi mma Abia ka anyi choro’. These is a task 2015 election must deliver to the masses and it must not be scarified on an agreement amongst friends, political allies in years past which is the trump card of mediocres agitating nothing but only power shift as their basis for contesting and wanting to govern Abia state in 2015. Is the Abia Charter of Equity a law? Have the charter helped in the development of the state? Have the charter transformed the commercial city of Aba from the ‘Japan of Nigeria’ on paper to reality? Have the Charter of equity indeed provided opportunity for our citizens? Have the ACE brought about investment from outside the state? To say that the richest man in Africa Aliko Dangote doesn’t have any tangible investment in Abia state is truly disappointing while we talk about ACE.

Do we still align ourselves to who should be there or rather who can deliver?

Do we align ourselves with where he comes from or how competent he is?

Dr Uche Samson Ogah has the pedigree of the leader to midwife Abia state into a truly model state and his CV evokes such; Industry, Accomplishment, Effort, Philanthropy, Positioning, Planning and above all fear of God. He has been honored by the Federal Government (OON in 2012), by his state government (‘Oke Osisi Ndi Abia’ in 2012), by his home Abia state university (Doctor in Business Administration (Honors Causa) in 2013) and still in his mid 40’s. He indeed is recognized from home and yet he rarely flaunts his achievements, rather his famous quotes is; ‘work harder to justify these awards with good deeds’.

The recent adoption of Dr Uche Ogah by the widely acclaimed women group in Abia state the UMUADA UKWA NGWA SOCIO-CULTURAL ORGANIZATION WORLD WIDE is indeed commendable and a positive step which thankfully other bodies are towing. Akin to the famous ABA WOMEN RIOT in 1929 the core women organization in Abia State have taken the lead in clamouring for a worthy and effective administration in Abia come 2015 and beyond and they feel Dr Uche Ogah is the perfect choice for the women of Abia.  As men have refused to speak, the women have taken the lead in voicing out (as the conscience of the people) what they need and pray for Abia state in 2015. With their adoption of Dr Uche Ogah, Abia women are basically saying; ‘Ka Uche Chukwu mme na Obodo anyi bu Abia State’ graciously the civil society, youth, boys, girls, students, workers, artisians…all are looking forward to voting Dr Ogah as Abia State governor come next year.

Thankfully Dr Uche Samson Ogah has offered himself to serve, the chance for a better tomorrow for us all is made brighter by this gentleman’s offer to leave his personal business, family, friends and associates to give his time, energy, experience and God given grace and talent to better our tomorrow.

It will be a great disservice to us, our children, and our state if Dr Uche Ogah is not your party’s flag bearer in the forth coming gubernatorial election next year, a great disservice if Dr Uche Ogah and the party he represents are not on the ballot paper next February. This is indeed our last chance salon to get it right, the Abia state of our dream is nigh.