Donald Trump

The New York State Supreme Court has just issued various rulings which destroy the case brought by New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman against Donald J. Trump’s Trump University. The three most important causes of actions have been thrown out entirely and the $40M damage claim is now down to a very small amount of money, if any. The minor remaining portions of the case create a very heavy burden for the Attorney General to win, as his case is based on “inadmissible, unsigned evidence,” according to the Court ruling. Schneiderman also lost his motion for summary judgment because there was no proof of any fraud whatsoever. Indeed, the Court called out Schneiderman’s “evidentiary deficiencies.”

Mr. Trump stated “Eric Schneiderman is a total lightweight who is considered by many, including myself, to be the worst Attorney General in the United States. He spent millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money trying to build his name and reputation on publicity by going after me and now his entire case has been totally decimated. This all for a school that has a 98% approval rating from its students. The Better Business Bureau has recently given the school an A rating. In my opinion, he is a corrupt politician. All you have to do is look at what is taking place with the Moreland Commission, etc. Because of his frivolous lawsuits, many jobs are leaving New York City and New York State. As soon as this case is over we will consider re-opening the school to all of our students and hire back the teachers and others, thereby creating lots of jobs for New York.”

“The publicity-mad Schneiderman is desperately trying to change his weak and ineffective image with the voters prior to election” continued Mr. Trump. “The State desperately wanted to settle this case with me—I have no interest in settling and most of the case is now won. Almost the entire case has been thrown out and the remainder totally weakened. The original lawsuit was brought in the names of 10,000 students, almost all of whom signed affidavits praising the school, and is now reduced to less than 1,000 students. While the judge would not allow us to sue, at this time, for malicious prosecution, she stated that we can come back at a later date with this charge—which we will.” The highest fine for operating without a license in the history of New York has only been a few thousand dollars and we will appeal this part of the decision.

Sadly, certain newspapers did not cover this victory correctly and only spoke to Schneiderman and his people. The real fact is this has been almost a complete and total victory for Donald Trump and the school.