Dr Uche Ogah Holds a Town Hall Meeting with Abians in Lagos

Ogah was hosted as a special guest at the forum of Abia State Town Unions Association (ATSUA) Lagos chapter at Johnson Osonwa Drive, Okota Lagos. He was overwhelmed by the warmth reception given to him by his people living in Lagos. Being a successful businessman in the Oil industry before venturing into the foray of politics, Ogah has no doubt in whatsoever to tell the association that he would turn around the fortunes of his state, make it a business and industrial hub of sub-Sahara Africa if the Abians give him the mandate through their votes.

"I am visiting today to rob mind with my people who are based in Lagos to seek for your prayer to be successful in this pursuit of my quest to contest in the Abia governorship election comes 2015 and to ask you to help me spread the campaign gospel to all our indigenes living at home, in Lagos and abroad," Ogah assured the members that he would bring his business expertise into fore to make Abia a second to none if he was allowed to clinch the governorship seat.

"I am determined to bring the true dividends of governance to Abians. I will create job opportunities, embark on projects that will turn Abia State into gold and make the people rejoice. The welfare of my people and betterment of our state informed my decision to compete for this job. Our governor, Orji, is an administrator. He has been able to bring peace and harmony in the state. The environment is conducive for anyone to build on. So, we need a technocrat; we need a man that has the vision and the passion. We need a man that can galvanise the resources that we have in Abia State and turn them into gold. What you are seeing in other states is going to be a far cry of what is going to be witnessed in Abia State. With our manifesto, "ABIA REJOICE," that I want to present to Abians, sky is just our beginning. The taste of the pudding is in the eating," said Ogah.

However, Ogah maintained he was not one of do-or-die politicians. He was confident that if God gave an idea He would process it and bring it to pass. Therefore, he would accept whatever result that would come and enjoined others to have same spirit. In his own opinion there should be a level playing ground that would encourage everybody to bring his own contribution to fore for Abia State to move forward and be second to none.