Here’s what happened to Linda Ikeji and Her Blog

Some guys have been on Linda Ikeji for many years now hating on her and getting really mad as to why a Linda would be so successful at Blogging,

They have tried different means to bring down her blog but it all failed.

According to Linda Ikeji, the guys spammed her comment box so that Google who originally owned her Blog will take it down but instead for Google to ditch the blog it just took down her adsense account so that she can’t earn through it which they later re-installed.

All that went but these guys didn’t stop. They Kept going at it.

Few months back Linda Ikeji bought a Range Rover Sport 2014 for 24 Million Naira which she flaunts on her blog as usual. The moment these guys saw it they now went all hard on Linda reporting her to Google that she copied contents from their website and this is one of the things Google frown at but instead for Linda to take action she went on her Blog and did a post about the guys who have been wanting to bring down her blog and now the Blog is finally down, the guys have succeeded.

Linda Ikeji also agreed she copies contents from other peoples website and give link back to establish that the content is not originally hers, she went further to state that other BIG sites in the world too copy stuff from other people.

According to a blogger Uduak uduok The guys who went after Linda Ikeji attacked her from both sides (Bulldog attack) they registered all the domain names Linda Ikeji could use if she decides to move to a proper website. Like; and

Written by: Adewale Lagos