Hon. Rtn Ossy Prestige For Aba North and South Federal Constituency

Written by: Engr. Ikechukwu Harrison Amogu

Ossy Prestige 2015

Aba is a domain or place of business pursuit of an upward of 70% of Abiriba people. Every Abiriba family has a link or a family representative in Aba, which is to say the city (Aba) is as important to us (nde Abiriba) as it is to the indigenes. In our very eyes we have watched our resources, investments and dear city (Aba) gradually degrading and decaying. Our forefathers have nothing to smile for or even commend us for. The commercial hub of the south east has lost her place in decision making in the federal house of representative, where decisions that affect our businesses and well-being are taken. it is therefore imperative that we play our roles in decision making, thanks to democracy which has given us this vintage. 2015 IS AN OPPORTUNITY FOR US TO FIX ABA, ALL HANDS MUST BE ON DECK, SENSITIZE ALL CONCERN PERSONS, FROM THE PRIMARIES OF THE PDP COMING UP ON 26TH NOVEMBER, 2014 TO THE MAIN ELECTIONS IN FEBRUARY, 2015, HON OSSY PRESTIGE IS OUR STRONGER VOICE FOR 2015 ABA SOUTH AND NORTH FEDERAL CONSTITUENCY.