Husbands Urgently Needed by Female Corp Members Serving in Aba- Apply in Person

Written by Franklin Ukoha

I overheard some female batch C corp members who came to the Local Government today to collect their discharge certificates discussing.
The centre of their discussion was on how they are going to go back to their father's house after NYSC.

From the way they sounded, none of them was happy that Marriage has not come yet....

One almost shed tears while narrating to the other babes how her boyfriend who promised her marriage left her and got married to another lady last year. Another said she can't go back to her father's house but will go and live with her boyfrnd till he is ready to pay her dowry.

The other one said as it stands, she has four boy friends but none of them is staying alone but with their families so she doesn't know what to do.

Yet another one said it's better she gets pregnant for her boyfriend and live with him without bride price than going back to her father's house in the village where she will be made to do a lot of house chores and farming.

The discussion went on and on till thier Local Government Inspector arrived and they left to collect their certificates....