Poem: Witches of Oshodi By Rudolf Ogoo Okonkwo

Bird falls off the sky
Lands on land
Turns into a woman…
Mere urban Legend
Until camera phone came to Oshodi.

Bill Gates scratches his head,
Mark Zuckerberg pulls out a calculator.
Oshodi crowd gathers
“Lynch the woman,
Lynch the witch,” they scream.

Meanwhile, the world pays $ billions
To watch Spiderman,
High on special effects,
Do the same on a movie screen.

Oshodi, don’t just get a life
Find her a Hollywood agent.
Years of looking at High Tension wires
In Old York City and New York City
Never seen Spiderman hanging.

Oshodi, just listen to me, for once.
Go get the woman an agent, would you?