Programme Synopsis of Magic FM - 102.9

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1)     MAGIC WORD OF THE DAY: Every morning at 6:15am presenter will announce the inspirational magic word of the day. Listeners to call in 15minutes before the end of the show (8:45am) to remind him the magic word, 5th caller with the correct word wins a price.

2)     1ST UPPERS:  Listeners call the magic morning studio, give a reason why they are up so early/salute Abia and friends. A draw will be held every last Friday of the month with a price for the lucky winner.

3)     TEST OF TIME:  Presenter to play a classic song. Give the name of artist and title. Listeners to call in with the year the song was released.

4)     OPEN MIC: Issues that affect the public (interactive) Vox Pop/listeners Opinion call.

5)     SPELLING GAME:  For kids between 3 -12 years. Call on your way to school and spell a word to be announced by the presenter and win a price.

6)     24 HOUR GOVERNOR:  Entertaining, say what you can do in 24hrs if you’re elected (fun filled)

7)     AREA REPORT:  Cal from your location with news of interest as it affects you and your community.

8)     TOP 5 JOINTS FOR THE WEEKEND: Weekly count-down of five biggest joints. (Commercial)

9)     E-MAKE SENSE?:  (Debate) on issues of interest callers to decide

10)    U-TURN:  Old School African Songs.

11)    IF NA JOKE OYA:  Listeners with the best joke wins a price presenter to invite a comedian every Friday to spice up the segment.

12)    ABIA PEOPLE WHICH WAY:  Focus on the state, issues and way forward.

13)    PEOPLES ASSEMBLY: Presenter fills in as chief speaker, any listener calling to contribute will address himself as an honorable and constituency he is representing.

14)    HAPPY HOUR/TRIVIA: Call and request for a song or answer ABC questions and wins a price.

15)    80S 90S STAR OF THE DAY:  5 minutes profile on artist.

16)    OFFICE CALL/EATING OUT: focus on office issues/lunch time out. Restaurant owners can buy into the programme.

17)    YOUR RADIO YOUR FM:  “Feedback” listeners to call in or text what they want to hear on Magic FM and request for a song/what they feel about our programmes.

18)    DOCTORS:  Health issues. Presenter to invite a doctor or health professional to talk about health related issues, treat listeners questions.

19)    YOUR MAGIC NUMBER: Numbers 1-10 carries different questions. Listener to call, pick a number and will win a price if he/she answers the question(s) correctly.

20)    OUR STATE OUR CITY:  Because of growing concern and dissatisfaction with the way things are. It has become more and more necessary for the citizens to join hands and help put the city back on the map. Call and contribute to move the state forward. Issues and things that need to be done.

21)    SCORE BOARD:  Guests to pay for air time, talk about their achievements. How they are helping in Nigeria’s on-going recovery. Listeners to call with their rating.

22)    5 O’ CLOCK JAM:  Nobody like sitting in traffic, that is unless they are locked into the 5 O’clock Jam on Magic FM. Presenter to play an up beat song, encourage drivers on the highway, streets anywhere, to blow their horn. Daily magic tradition every weekday @ 5pm. This will be followed by traffic report.

23)    ARIA ARIA HOW FAR?:  Interactive, jokes, phone in targeted at giving traders/business men a sense of belonging.

24)    SOCCER SWAGGER:  Show your love for your favorite soccer club around the world. Sleaze and news on football.

25)    HOW WAKA/ONE 4 THE ROAD:  Recap of day’s event, experiences and one for the road song to ignite your evening magic.

26)    DJ ON THE FREE WAY:  Non stop jamming with house DJ.

27)    MADE IN ABA:  To promote our local products, producers of various goods/products to pay a token and talk about their business.

28)    NDI IFE KAANUWO:  Fun and interactive in local dialect to cover the entire Ndi Ogboo.

29)    FROM ENYIMBA STADIUM:  News on Nigerian League with emphasis on Enyimba Football Club.

30)    MAGIC WEEKEND HAPPY HOUR:  Call and request any son of your choice to kick start your weekend.

31)    MAGIC IN THE MIX:  Non stop with house DJ. Station ID to be played every 15minutes.

32)    3600:  Non-stop.

33)    MY STORY: Relationship issues. Kiss and make up. Who is breaking your heart? Is she cheating on you? Magic FM will like to know. Listener’s advice/contribution.

34)    MAGIC CONNECT:  Connect with someone you love before you go to bed. If you are shopping for a new love, let magic do the job for you. Get connected.

35)    FORGIVING HEART:  How difficult is it for you to say you are sorry when you are wrong. Call the magic night line with a forgiving heart.

36)    HANG OVER:  Call the magic Saturday morning studio line and share your Friday night experience @ the party or your favorite local joint. It will help you with the hang over.

37)    REP YOUR CLUB:  Two football fans of different clubs will be live in the studio to answer football quickie quiz. Listeners to call in and rep/support their clubs (Give-away)

38)    KICK OFF/PREDICTION GAME:  Build up to the day’s game, football sleaze/news. Listeners to text predict and win prizes.

39)    THOSE WERE THE DAYS: Oldies from sweet breeze to wings. All local classics live interviews with artists.

40)    EXTRA TIME:  Reactions to sport/matches played.

41)    A DAY WITH THE LORD:  Praise and worship/phone calls, trivia and testimonies.

42)    CAMPUS LINE:  join our team of young students as they present their very own magazine style programme. Looking at topics of interest to our young generation.

43)    MAGIC MUSIC SURVEY:  Call or text to tell us what you think about the music on Magic FM. Let us know about the music and the artist you enjoy.