Rev Preiz Imoh Responds His Supporters and Critics

Here is Rev Preiz Imoh's (Governor to be) response to critics and supporters:

"For those who might be reading this on other social, print or electronic media... I think it will be wise for you to understand my REASON for this RESPONSE.

I posted some of my pictures on Facebook with the tag that some people think...YES THINK i should CONTEST in the forth coming governorship election in my state. Like politicians would say i decided to consult with my constituency.

The whole thing got very serious for me when very honorable men of God who I RESPECT began to make their contributions. Such as the honorable Dr J.K. Amah, my dearest friend Pastor Peace Emmanuel, and many more. There were also those who called me on phone, a few sent personal messages which i also responded to. (Those of us who didn't see the picture and the responses you check my personal

The responses got me thinking, laughing and sometimes totally disappointed. I learnt a few things which i might develope as a manual for future references for intending politicians especially those of us who are christian.


Yesterday i was surprised that people who had never liked my post and my articles commented and liked my stuff. I guess those who said that a picture is WORTH a 1000 words were right.


The RESPONSES were down right out of the context of the discussion apart from a few especially the elderly and pastors. I saw how close minded we are as a people. Someone even thought I've gone bunkers...his exact words 'this man is unstable...' Simply because i expressed my opinion and wanted to know what was theirs. We are so prejudiced and mentally lax here that we rarely approach issues intelligently especially those who belong to my generation. My greatest shock is how most of are prejudiced against other people opinion, our institutions and different ideological bent. We've been Schooled with biases and mediocre thinking. My take on that...we need to teach our generation how to respect the opinion of others, express theirs with decorum and to be open minded. Silence is better than expressing an unrefined & mediocre thought.


Of all the post i got yesterday about 73% felt i shouldn't contest because I'm pastor or spiritual leader. In fact yesterday it became very obvious to me that even our Lord savior Jesus Christ wouldn't win elections here. Obviously, they think the political system here is fraught with danger, corruption and perversion. Which is very true. They think i would loose my faith, become corrupt, most likely might even be KILLED or even end up in hell on the last day. Hmmmm!

This whole thing got me thinking. I was alarmed at our political illiteracy and ignorance. My question is who would change the political system and how would God answer our prayers for righteous leadership in our polity? It's obvious that the political terrain here is very's not easy any where either. It might not be as tough or a perversed as it is here elsewhere. But there's no route to power or change that is easy. There is no place in the world were power or the liberation of a people is gotten easily. People fight for it and sometimes pay the ultimate sacrifice with their lives from the Ghandi's of this world to the Mandela's, Martin Luther King Jr and many others. Who made politics corrupt if not the people inside...politics doesn't need any spiritual cleansing to make it a clean and wholesome practice in our clime. It needs individuals who are cleansed from the inside, people with genuinely regenerated SPIRIT. Men schooled in the act of leadership with a kingdom mindset to bring changes in our political terrain here. We need men with GOD AND GUTS to take leadership to the next level. I think that what has happened in our environment over the years is that as often as we pray within the walls of our churches...God ANSWERS to our request to bring CHANGES in our system. But often He is forced to go to OKIJA SHRINE, EKE IGBERE or any other shrine to pick the one among the corrupt politicians with lesser evil in him. Or any of them who have got a little fear for and of God in him because the church was in the spirit without a proactive approach to birthing the changes we are praying DESPERATELY for. Imagine how long we've prayed for change in our political climate yet things keeps getting worse. It's either God isn't answering our prayers or our approach is wrong. I dare us to arise, especially our spiritual leaders should begin to teach, anoint and impart the David's to take over from the Saul's. Or is the earth no more the lords and the fullness thereof, men and those who dwell therein? Has God lost the kingdom of this world and of his Christ to our wicked and ungodly occupants of our political seats?


The thinking that politics is different from the so called ministry is erroneous and outright satanic. It's the devils way of keeping away God's most anointed vessels from taking the lead. Ministry simply defined is service...serving God and serving his people with the grace and gift of God upon ones life. It's beyond pulpiteering...operating from the pulpit and preaching in every service. On the other hand Wikipedia an online dictionary believes that politics has its roots on Grecian ideology and it's the practice and theory of influencing other people on global, civic or individual level.

If this is actually what politic means then it means we are all politicians in one sense or the other. The reason is that we are influencing opinion, people and ideology daily knowingly or unknowingly. Could we also say if this is truly the definition of politics then we are also practicing politics in our homes, offices and churches? Could it be that we prefer to practice it in our churches where it seems safer, than face the corrupt and wicked system with all it's vices and principalities? Is it not funny that some group of wicked people ranging from drug barons to fraudster, illiterates and refurbished street urchins are the ones making decisions for over 160million of us, bishops and pastor inclusive? Could it mean that shying away from power is to abandon our destiny, our corporate decisions, leadership & influence to a few individuals who have no vision, character or spiritual bearing? Is it possible that the reason most believers and even men of God who got into politics became very corrupt and evil is because they weren't taught properly that this is also a calling or that they were so much overwhelmed by evil because there were but a few good men around them?


How many believers takes time to seek the face of God for their career, job and businesses. I asked a dear friend who works with the Nigerian Prisons if God asked him to go worked in the prisons. God has called us to influence the world. We are the light and salt of the world. The question is not whether i heard from God or not. Because God desires to see changes in our society...he wants us to birth a new order. Let me say this categorical it's very erroneous to think that the priesthood of the believer is only in the pulpit. There's no pulpit like a platform that can affords anyone opportunity to change the lives of over 6-7 million individuals by paying salaries,building infrastructure, establishing factories, security of lives and properties, creating order, instituting godly practices and righteousness. If you passed through an area in my city known as Ohanku Road, Obiohia Road etc, and still wait for God to speak to you to make THINGS happen for the people then your heart is dead. The office of the governor comes with an enormous power that no single pulpit will give to you. After all...the same set of individuals who thinks politics is wrong are the same PEOPLE who go to this politicians to beg for crumbs in the name of coming to lift them and their families up in prayers.

The question is not if God is leading me...the question is if I have the capacity to match this corrupt system fire for fire, spiritual power for spiritual power, money for money,structure for structure? How much influence do i have outside my area of calling and immediate constituency? Who're the forces behind me...what's their interest, how would i pay them back? Do i have the character, resources, vision, and integrity to deliver my promises to the people, so that i wouldn't put the name of the Lord who i respect to shame? Is this the right time? These are question begging for answers. For killing me, no one has got that power. Like my father Dr. J.K Amah said 'wisdom is truly profitable to direct'.
You still want to know what is my final decision...? All I'll say is keep praying for me and keep watching. I rest my case!"

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