See What Dr Uche Ogah Responded THISDAY NEWSPAPER: "What qualifies you to be the governor of Abia State or what makes you think that you will be a better replacement for the current governor?"

Dr Uche Ogah responded;

"I have over 6,000 people under my employment. It’s all about managing people and resources effectively. I’ve run my enterprise successfully from zero position to a balance sheet of several billions. For me, it is about when God calls a man He also empowers him. There’s not much difference between public governance and private business undertaking; they are almost the same as it is all about managing people and resources. Those who left private enterprises like Governor Obi of Anambra, Chime of Enugu and Akpabio of Akwa Ibom have justified this assertion. In Abia today, we need a technocrat who can exhibit uncanny business sense and will take Abia as a business entity and be able to bring out the best out of it, building on what the current governor is doing. Everybody knows that the challenges of doing private business in Nigeria today are enormous but by and large we are successful. And mark this, in my entire career I’ve never been a failure. As long as it is God that is leading me, there’s a pact with Him and I see success ahead. Life itself is full of challenges; a man can decide to take his bath and in the process slumps in the bathroom and die. Yes, there are challenges both in private and public business but the ability to navigate through them is what makes the difference. I therefore offer to make that difference as I have what it takes."

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