Top 7 Reasons Why Most Bloggers Quit So Soon

[An article that unveils the unspoken intents why most bloggers quit blogging too soon and thus never live to share in the millions of dollars circulating in the dot com world]

Are you an entrepreneur, a student or one of the unemployed youths hoping to join millions of other bloggers making six digit figures as an income from simply blogging and other related internet businesses?

Here comes an article to educate you beforehand over certain reasons why most bloggers don’t continue after the first one year of spiral blogging and possible things you can do to become an outstanding success in this industry.

“Passion is the fuel and oil that lubricates and empowers every iota of success and accomplishment ever experienced by an entrepreneur. Without passion entrepreneurs quit.”
Emenike Emmanuel
Founder, Emchis Consulting

Having failed as a blogger before but now upstanding and of course raising thousands of others to stand with me, I think I am in a better position to show you reasons why most bloggers quit so soon and why I choose not to quit again.

“Gone so soon” is the word to describe the speed with which most bloggers abandon their blogging career to move on to other businesses.

Making money online as a blogger can be easy if you understand the principles that will help you to stay abreast, otherwise, it can also be highly frustrating.

Some bloggers who claim to have over 100,000 visitors in their first month of blogging most times are not always telling us the whole truth, except for bloggers who had some previous blogs and of course some regular viewers who they had to introduce to their next and newest blog, (I mean the likes of Michael Dunlop who had to introduce his blog readers at to

When budding bloggers who we are hoping to train into hot-headed entrepreneurs get to read most of these exaggerations, they are often left with two options of either to quit and move into other businesses or just stay back waiting for their own turn of the traffic in the future with little or no definiteness of purpose.

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