A woman (name withheld), aged 43, has narrated what she endured in the hands of a Boko Haram abductor before she was freed from him, reports Newsday NG.

The woman had gone to a bank in Maiduguri, Borno state, when she recognized a 26-year old man in the queue and raised the alarm, screaming, “He is the one, he is the one! God will punish you, you will rot in hell!”

Her outburst got everyone startled, but their bewilderment was rested when the woman said she recognized him as a Boko Haram member who had abducted her and several others, adding that the man in question had “used” her like a dog, raping her over ten times.

Soldiers were immediately called to the scene, following which the man reportedly confessed to being a member of the terrorist sect. He confirmed the woman’s account that he, along with other sect members had abducted several women, old and young, whom they raped on numerous occasions at the forest hide-out.

Those who witnessed her outburst praised the woman for her bravery.

What a brave woman..... that beast should be castrated.