De Bourgeoisie Want Uche Ogah

Can anyone help us explain what equity really means in politics? Could it be said to mean "conformity to rules and standards, representing the interest of the majority,or manipulative imposition of a candidate on the people, rationing of power (Zoning)? But I think in a democratic politics, politicking should reflect and not to contradict or contravene the MOTHER LAW. Thinking that zoning is in tandem with nascent democracy is the invention of those who still embrace these forms: Mamacracy/Papacracy,Theocracy, Few-cracy(or what we called Oligarchy) etc. Introduction of Zoneocracy by a monocrat may breed monocracy, Stalinism, caesarism, despotism,absolutism, totalitarianism, authoritarianism, shogunate to mention only but a few. The beauty and dividend of democracy is seen when the people are allowed to participate( without a push) in vying for or electing their representatives' into any elective positions. So, we must collectively respond positively in 2015 to elect the man who will deliver Abia and restore the Past Glory of Aba-THE JAPAN OF AFRICA. That  man is Dr Uche Ogah(The Masters Energy ) All hands must be on deck to make this dream a reality