How to Build a Successful Blog Without Fear of Failure

I saw this blog post from a friend's blog and wish to share it with the world.

Copied from Emchis Consulting

Do you want to join millions of people around the world who are making waves in the blogging industry as a blogger? These ones have gained independence from corporate slavery. Over the week, I met with some extremely successful bloggers who after all they had studied in the Universities ended up Bloggers. One was a Journalist and the other was a Registered Nurse.

Do you want to drastically deal with the fears that have hindered you from making the move into the world of abundance as a blogger? Meaning that you have the passion to write but you are afraid of taking the first step. Probably you considered it a risk not worth taking. Or were you thinking blogging will stop you from living the life of freedom you’ve always wanted? If you answered yes to any or all of those questions then I can guarantee you that you are in the right place.

In this blog I have a special interest in building entrepreneurs who will go round the world teaching others How to Change the World.

Recently I got a message from one of my facebook friends and a keen follower of Emchis Consulting which I think it will be nice to share with you. He said;
“Good morning Mr. Emenike Emmanuel. My name is Stan. I just read your article titled “Misconceptions about Blogging” and felt the need to send you this message whilst the fire ignited by your article is still at full blaze in my mind.

I have a passion for writing and have always wanted to go into blogging, but I don’t know where to put the first step. I harbour fears that I might not be able to sustain it. I will really appreciate your guidance and counsel. I have been following your works on facebook. Thank you Sir.”

This is not the first time I’m receiving this kind of message, I have had people stop me at conferences and on the street with excitement that they finally met me live. I have also had people recommend me for speaking engagements by virtue of the great contents of this blog, Emchis Consulting which is speedily making a wave in the industry, but for the fact that I promised him of creating a new article in his honour and in response to his questions, I have decided to include this testimony. Anyway, this is by the way. Let’s go back to the topic of discussion – How to Deal with the Fear of Starting a Blog.

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