Abia PPA slams Gov Orji

T. A. Orji

Progressive Peo­ples Party (PPA) yesterday cor­roborated a state­ment made by Managing Director of Nigeria Rail­way Corporation (NRC), Mr. Seyi Sijuade, that heaps of refuse in Aba, Abia State have affected the efficient running of trains on the eastern rail line.

The NRC boss made the remarks in Port Harcourt on Tuesday at the inaugu­ration of the Enugu-Port Harcourt-Enugu inter-city train service.

In attendance at the event were top government func­tionaries including Vice President Namadi Sambo, Governor T. A. Orji and former Governor Peter Obi, among others.

Sijuwade said: “The mountain of refuse in Aba, which is about five metres high, had buried some sec­tions of the railway track which eventually led to the total collapse of the No. 15 bridge of the rail track, preventing the smooth run­ning of the locomotives in the region.”

Chairman of PPA in the state, Emeka Okafor, in a statement made available to the media yesterday said: “The past seven years of Orji’s. administration has set the state backward, especially in terms of in­frastructure. A tour of Aba will expose the bad leader­ship of the current admin­istration. The governor and his so-called Abia elders have been running the state on mere propaganda without having anything tangible to validate their media claims. We use this opportunity to challenge the state governor to visit Aba without being heav­ily guarded with soldiers, if he is popular among the people.”

The PPA chairman not­ed that the remarks of the NRC boss was a testimony to the earlier comments of billionaire Chief Arthur Eze, who had at the 17th year celebration of creation of Abia State, described Abia as the dirtiest state in the country.

Okafor urged Abians to be wary of politicians of­fering money and other consumables to induce voters.
His words:” Be mindful of selfish leaders, who are of the habit of pretending to be caring towards elec­tion, only to neglect their constituencies after they forcefully win elections. Protect your votes and re­sist any form of intimida­tion.”

Calling on the elector­ate to vote PPA for good leadership, Okafor urged Nigerians to vote en masse for President Goodluck Jonathan during the 2015 general elections.

Source: The Sun Newspaper