Aba is known to have people who share almost the same kind of view. To know if this is true, check out what happens whenever they boo a politician who they think has not performed well – they behave as if it was a pre-meditated act. No wonder Aba love slangs.

As the Election Day draws nigh, we have gone round the city of Aba to know people’s opinion of who they intend to vote for from the Presidency even down to the State House of Assembly. The results we got were so amzing.
(Please, our findings are not to credit or discredit anyone (after all, we are independent) but to share exactly what we got.)

11.    Someone who has worthy precedent.

22.  Someone who understands the core needs of Ndi Aba. The person must have lived in Aba before or currently.

33. Someone who is not coming from a poverty background. A typical Aba man has the fear that the tendency to loot public treasury will be high in the man coming from a platform that has never counted money in billions or multiples of millions.

44. Someone who doesn’t have a Godfather. Everyone is afraid of being taken back to the era of “Mamacracy” and “Familycracy”, which are the recent forms of government that evolved in the previous administrations. 

55. Aba people will vote for someone who has proven himself or herself capable of leading others by reason of how successful his or her businesses in Aba are doing. Aba is a commercial city and according to people who responded to the poll said that it can only take a man or woman with a business background to represent them well at all the spheres of governance.