Aba which is popularly known as Enyimba city is located in the southern part of Abia State Nigeria. Owing to the industrious nature of her residents or what could be referred to as the spirit of enterprise in a typical Aba person, Aba has won for herself the big name “Japan of Africa.” This may also not be far from the fact that every typical Aba man can comfortably duplicate whatever technology he saw in the western world. A good example was when the commercial motorcycle was banned giving way for tricycle, Aba people went into fabricating locally made tricycles of all shapes and sizes – far stronger than what was obtainable from China.

So far, there has never been any other better city in the southeast for one to invest in other than Aba which is arguably the commercial nerve centre of the south-eastern Nigeria. Virtually all the cities in Nigeria depend on Aba for either their raw materials or ready market to sell their finished products.

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In today’s post, I want to briefly share with you 7 Reasons Why You Must Invest in Aba if you truly want to make profit in your world of business. This stands to suggest that if you’ve not invested in Aba, it then means you’re losing big time. Grab this opportunity to turn your company around for good by investing in this fertile land called Aba – Enyimba city (a.k.a. Japan of Africa).

Why You Must Invest in Aba – Enyimba City
1.     Everything Sells in Aba
Aba is known so much to be able to harbour both the rich and the poor; the low class, middle class and the high class citizens. We are happy people and there’s absolute peaceful co-existence between various classes of individuals. This is the confidence we have that everything sells in this city called Aba. If your products or service is only for the rich, middle class or the poor, you can be sure it will be bought.

2.     Aba Residents (popularly known as “Ndi Aba”) Already Have Entrepreneurial Spirit
If you are a good businessman you will believe with me that people who turn businesses around from being great to wow are entrepreneurs, who we can preferably call ‘Intrapreneurs’ if they exist in the organization as employees. These people are the ones that initiate great plans and strategies that can take the business beyond the limit they met it. Despite the fact that the business is not directly theirs yet they still go ahead to do it. This is because it is like a spirit that dwells on the inside of them which we call “Entrepreneurial Spirit.”

When you invest in Aba you need not to spend more money and time trying to train your employees on the need to see figures. They already know how best to increase their companies’ profit margin and reduce cost effectively.

It might interest you to know that a typical Aba resident (Nwa Aba) do not need to be motivated on the need to become an entrepreneur, in fact, he may not even be willing to wait for anyone to show him any good business venture to go into as we already have them in surplus in Aba. It is also funny that a 5 year old person in Aba is already in business. He already knows how to check his profit at the end of the day’s business and definitely knows what to do with money.

Doing business is like what an Aba man is born with. I choose to say it that way because over time we have observed how it came natural on us to go into business.
3.     Independent Spirit and Mentality
A typical Aba man does not depend directly on the government to survive. Whether the government supports his business or not it grows. Aba residents are so independence-minded that once a young boy clocks 18-20 years or as soon as he’s out of secondary School, it is expected of him to work. He must work to appreciate money and become responsible and independent.

Personally when I graduated from High School at 18, I got my first work experience where I earned as much as N12,000 every month, and at 20, my salary was upgraded to N18,000 monthly. This helped to upgrade my business mindset early enough. Like we said earlier no Nwa Aba is looking for whom to depend on. He wants to work to make a living.

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*** Aba residents are open to welcome investors. Aba is good and the best place to invest in Nigeria ***

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