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Aba which is popularly known as Enyimba city is located in the southern part of Abia State Nigeria. Owing to the industrious nature of her residents or what could be referred to as the spirit of enterprise in a typical Aba person, Aba has won for herself the big name “Japan of Africa.” This may also not be far from the fact that every typical Aba man can comfortably duplicate whatever technology he saw in the western world. A good example was when the commercial motorcycle was banned giving way for tricycle, Aba people went into fabricating locally made tricycles of all shapes and sizes – far stronger than what was obtainable from China.

So far, there has never been any other better city in the southeast for one to invest in other than Aba which is arguably the commercial nerve centre of the south-eastern Nigeria. Virtually all the cities in Nigeria depend on Aba for either their raw materials or ready market to sell their finished products.

In today’s post, I want to briefly share with you the Part 2 of the 7 Reasons Why You Must Invest in Aba if you truly want to make profit in your world of business. This stands to suggest that if you’ve not invested in Aba, it then means you’re losing big time. Grab this opportunity to turn your company around for good by investing in this fertile land called Aba – Enyimba city (a.k.a. Japan of Africa).

Why You Must Invest in Aba – Enyimba City
1.     Aba Have More Than Enough Labour Force
If you have interest to invest in Aba you need not be afraid if there’s enough labour force to work for you. In fact, the labour force in Aba is overwhelming. Most importantly, you will get experienced hands in the area of engineering, fashion, fabrication, telecommunication, technology, printing and publishing, education etc. Now, what are you waiting for since you may not be spending more to train and re-train your employees if you invest in Aba? Rush now and grab this wonderful opportunity by sharing in the goldmine in Aba – Enyimba city. Aba Mega Mall is one of the investments in Aba every one of us must make effort to buy into. Also, Aba is Good Online Magazine is another fast rising media giant in the city hoping to employ not fewer than 100 indigent citizens.

2.     Aba Has a Business-Friendly Government
Having known that greater part of the internally generated revenue in the state comes from the businesses of individuals and organizations in the State, it is then incumbent on the State government to become business-friendly. These they have done by giving businesses in Aba an enabling environment to survive. Even though some mischievous individuals have taken it upon themselves to paint the State black, Aba indeed and her government has never relented in creating wonderful edifices of excellence, some of which are in Umuahia Ultra Modern Market, Motor Park and the ongoing Aba Mega Mall in Osisioma Aba.

This business-friendly approach offered by the State will go a long way in helping Investors in Aba blossom in their respective businesses of interest. Every business in Aba has a great role to play in helping the Abia State Government discharge her responsibilities to the fullest.

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*** Aba residents are open to welcome investors. Aba is good and the best place to invest in Nigeria ***

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