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Aba which is popularly known as Enyimba city is located in the southern part of Abia State Nigeria. Owing to the industrious nature of her residents or what could be referred to as the spirit of enterprise in a typical Aba person, Aba has won for herself the big name “Japan of Africa.” This may also not be far from the fact that every typical Aba man can comfortably duplicate whatever technology he saw in the western world. A good example was when the commercial motorcycle was banned giving way for tricycle, Aba people went into fabricating locally made tricycles of all shapes and sizes – far stronger than what was obtainable from China.

So far, there has never been any other better city in the southeast for one to invest in other than Aba which is arguably the commercial nerve centre of the south-eastern Nigeria. Virtually all the cities in Nigeria depend on Aba for either their raw materials or ready market to sell their finished products.

In today’s post, I want to briefly share with you the Part 3 of the 7 Reasons Why You Must Invest in Aba if you truly want to make profit in your world of business. This stands to suggest that if you’ve not invested in Aba, it then means you’re losing big time. Grab this opportunity to turn your company around for good by investing in this fertile land called Aba – Enyimba city (a.k.a. Japan of Africa).

Why You Must Invest in Aba – Enyimba City
1.     Aba Has Many Untapped (Potential) Resources
Some of the potential resources in Aba include various industries like the clothing industry; leather works (shoe, belt and bags) industry, information and telecommunication industry, automobile industry, hospitality industry, agricultural industry, aviation industry and many more. The fashion industry like we all know has given Aba – Enyimba city a name in the international community (market). This is one area Aba can never be beaten by any other even in the years to come. If any investor (local or international) needs a feasibility study on the Fashion Industry in Aba you can always count on us because we have got enough Expert Crew with enormous knowledge. The designs we have in Aba can beat the likes of Effizzy, Zara etc if well promoted. As we write now, some of our fashion designers in Aba are already exporting Nigerian (Aba) made suits, pants and bra to South Africa, America, China and some European countries.
Speaking with the Managing Director of Emcasoreal Fashion World, a fashion outfit in Aba with expertise in Suits and Trouser production, he estimated that if this industry is given adequate attention and invested into, it will become a major source of revenue in the State as the fashion designers in Aba and within his office can compete favourably with any other fashion company in the world. MD of Emcasoreal Fashion World, Emenike Emenike C. called on investors to come into Aba as they are willing to give them the blueprint of how they can successfully break into the fashion industry in Aba. In a similar speech, the President of Abia Think Tank Association, Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa during the 2014 Aba Summit -2 called on investors to come and share in the untapped potentials in Aba. Some of the personalities present at the occasion include Dr Uche Ogah, President, Masters Energy Group and Prof. Barth Nnaji, Founder of Geometric Power Plant who also aired their views in this regard with a strong promise of giving international investors a level playing ground to help develop Aba.  

2.     Aba Has Loyal Employees
Unlike some other cities in Nigeria where independent people are always arrogant, a typical Aba man (popularly known as Nwa Aba) is neither arrogant nor rude to the employer. In Aba we are open to new information and this makes us learn faster. Most times we learn by observation. We believe in getting it right, once and for all. One of the reasons for our humility is based on the fact that we love to make a name for ourselves anywhere we are. We want to do something great so that we can be remembered. If we find ourselves in a company we work and work to see the company grow to an enviable position so that we can proudly tell others that we played a role to make this company come this height.

Some of the Expatriates who have worked with an Aba person (“Onye Aba” like we call it) can attest to this.

If you have not invested in Aba before I want you to give it a trial and see how your business will grow rapidly. Some of the areas we are looking forward to having investors come in includes but not limited to;
A.    Real Estate Business.
B.     Aviation sector.
C.     Fashion industry (clothing, shoes, bags and belt).
D.    Hospitality industry (5 Star Hotels)
E.     Agricultural sector (Canning and preservation of our perishable farm produce).
Finally, we want to promise you our best support if you have interest to invest in Aba – Enyimba city. Thank you and May God bless you.

*** Aba residents are open to welcome investors. Aba is good and the best place to invest in Nigeria ***

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