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The issue of who is more corrupt is a great argument between The followers of Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu and that of Gov. T A Orji (Ochendo) and offcourse some followers of The both divide still maintain their own principal is a saint.


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  • Sunny Oby Maduka Abia wasted 16 years of any developmental process during both regimes. They are both thieves. I think we should not use corruption to analyse their stewardships. Corruption has a way of covering fundamental principles and hence, we could use pen robbers or outright thieves. They stole our collective inheritance and unfortunately, their punishments are generational

  • Gabriel Nancy TA. ORJI is a disgrace to Abains ... lets vote for sir CHIKWE UDENSI PPA for a better change in Abia

  • Abia Facts Newspaper Please we dont need to insult ourselves here. Lets discuss like adults.

  • Ukpabi Ukpabi MY WATCH MY WATCH MY WATCH:: T A Orji Did Not Conduct Local Government Election In Abia State For Good Eight Years,While Orji Uzor Kalu Did.So Who Is Corrupt Here?????. T A Orji Sent Away Non-Abians From The Abia State Civil Service,Yet He Could Pay Salaries Till Date.Who Is Corrupt Here????. T A Orji Is A Failure To Abia State.
  • Ukpabi Ukpabi IKPEAZU Means BACKWARDS:: Meanning He Will Take Abia State Even More Backwards Just Like His Master T A Orji Did. VOTE '' PPA'' Ebe Achikatara Aka Onu.VOTE Sir Chikwe Udensi He Remains The Solution To The Problems In Abia State.

  • Oscar Onyema Even a blind man knows dat T.A ORJI'S Government is d worst of all in d history of Abia state, if not d east. Sir Chikwe Udensi has volunteered 2 rescue Abia 4rm tyrants. Vote PPA 4 good governance

  • Sampson Charles Enyinnaya If you ask me, I think I would rather refrain the statement as who has moved abia further than he met it and not backwards. Without being bias between both leaders who contributed their quota to abia development. I will give it to Gov T. A Orji and thi..
  • Nwaonu Kc ochendo-failure,theordore abormination orji (aka t.a orji) monumental failure dat took abia state 100 steps backwards!

  • Kenneth Chukwudi While ouk is bad, T.A is d worse, while ouk did evil, T.A is d devil, while ouk is tactically cunning, T.A is cunningly wicked, den Ikpeazu will be worst 2 happen 2 Abians following d trend.

  • Abia Facts Newspaper Onyema Ukpai.. Lets put it in better perceptive now.. Considering the funding Gov. Orji had in his control would you still say he did better?

  • Nancy Ibeah I think, d most important thing We need in Abia politics is serious prayers for God's intervention period.

  • Mclorld Parrizy Onyema Ukpai permit me to call you a fool for recommending that self centered coward call TA Orji. He is a disappointment to your state and you are here supporting him. Do you wish Abians that type of government again? Mind yourself oo

  • Uche Ihejiako kalu n dis ibeku governor have no comparison ochego is a failure

  • Ogechi Nwaizugbo T.A orji is more corrupt

  • Engr Emmanuel Maintain T.a orji is d most corrupt governor of the decade. No single structural development. I remembered I visited umuahia few years ago. It was like a village, orji kalu is 100 % better than him. Undo the worst thing that can happen to abia state again is to ve a leader frm the both orji. T.a orji need to b jail for defrauding Abia state money
  • Nwankwo Ugochukwu Stanley Kalu is not corrupt... Abians pls how much accrued to Abia between 1999 -2007.....and think of the present govt which is billions.

  • Justice Innocent Sochima T.A ORJI is the corruption himself. Inshort he's chronicle failure. I called global disappointment.

  • Prince Chinedum Obi Chief Dr Orji Uzor Kalu is far better than TA,ta is worst Governor in Nigeria
  • Kelechukwu Azunna T.A Orji....Sht man Devil.

  • Oganiru Abia His godfather Orji Uzor Kalu started it. His pikin T.A.Orji accomplished it. T.A.Orji sent Abia more backward

  • Ebi Enaregha These are peity issues. Let Abians arise for good governance. simple!

  • Chioma Okereke TA OJI is a thief

  • Franklin Obinna TA orji is a mistake to Abians

  • Chinwendu Jovita Kalu Orji Uzo Kalu is far batter than T.A Orji

  • Samuel Ndubuisi T A OJI is d worst thing dat ever happen to Abia n Aba in general.even he himself knws dat is y he choose his replacement.

  • Joseph Young OUK, TAO, IKPEAZU = BAD, WORSE, WORST. Vote Dr. Alex Otti if u luv Abia.

  • Nuel Nwogu Both of them has something in common, while the first is cunning the later is wicked.

  • Monday Iweh These two men are original thieves, ole, barawo, ndi oshi that deserves death. Abia State is not developed together with rural areas because of these two thieves and their followers. They run the state like family business whereas majority of the peop..

  • Samuel Don Angel Onwuegbule we said no to mamacracy,okija,kidnapping so ouk bye u have ntin to give

  • Samuel Don Angel Onwuegbule u cant even compare ouk with ochendo cos the difference is too far, ouk has no records but ochendo has done tremendously well which a day child can even testify

  • Samuel Don Angel Onwuegbule ochendo has done his best in abia in which no past government has done

  • Samuel Don Angel Onwuegbule its ouk he introduces many things like mamacracy,shrine..alism, kidnapping more hardship and many more things

  • Onyema Ukpai @Mcdevil Parrizy. U can insult ur father generation. I don't have a problem with that. If u cannot read simple English ur school fees should have been invested in better things. We are comparing 2 failed Governors of the State. I have not recommended anybody but said that between the 2, TA is better than than OUK. That doesn't mean he ruled Abia well. Olodo like u!

  • Amaka Joy ouk kill abia and abians for eight good years nop federal govt project he was busy sucking abia dry and use abia money for his selfish presidential race.....gosh how can we abians for what ouk did to us.....he left abia in debt with billions of naires ....can any one tell me one single gaint project ouk did if not given people wheel barrow and student maths sets and ill palm fruits.......

  • Onyema Ukpai Please let's be practical. Can someone name one project we can remember Orji Kalu for in his 8 years rule? As bad as TA is we can see a new Govt house, Secretariat, new markets, housing estates etc.

    Ihueze Uchechukwu Abians will forever be thankful to God for using Ochendo to liberate Us from OUK's evil

  • Ihueze Uchechukwu We Abians will never forgive OUK for all the evil he did to us

  • Ihueze Uchechukwu OUK. is the baddest thing that happened to Abia state


  • Collins Ikoro T.A.O is evil while kalu is d devil. #abianssaynotocorruptpoliticians#

  • Queen Chiamaka Nwankwo Na ouk caused everytn dat is happenin in abia state nw jst bcos of his selfish interest.

  • Wilson O. Kalu T a Orji is a total failure, he has taken Abia state 20 years backward.

  • Ebony Godwin Inyamah as if you don't know?

  • Uzoma The'Patriot Nwachukwu Ochendo is more corrupt than OUK can ever aspire to be. You should honestly not even be making a comparison. Do you realise that Ochendo has had over thrice what OUK had in 8 years in his first four years?
    Both of them are evil but 2015 presents us wi

  • Promise Tioluwanimi Nwaoha T A Orji is d most corrupt governor in the world. If he his not jailed after his tenure then nigeria is a failed state. Our state is d only state dat is lacking behind in all aspect of development. can u imagine dat public schools are paying school fees even higher than dat of private school.

  • Chigozie Okeahialam Goodness me! Pls the margin between the duo is very wide. OUK's tenure was full of satanic and inhuman practices. Dr. T. A. Orji has salvaged Abia & has not performed badly in his 2nd tenure in office after God used him to successfully liberate Abia. The legacy projects of Ochendo speak volumes whereas Kalu does not have any memento!

  • Enyioko Smart Alex Otti all d way joor , as of IKPAZU(last man), T A Orji's choice not Abians, my people "Agwo aghaghi imuta ihe yiri ya" maka anyi ga abu ndi mbu anyi achoghi ibu ndi IKPAZU ooooo

  • Chika Stanley Ogbuokirl Pls let vote in alex otti

  • Chidiebere Anosike Most wanted corrupt man T A ORJI

  • Ezinne Ogbonna osondi owendi ochendo is d best tin I have ever happened to abia
  • Pius Ogba In GEJ context : both of them are corrupt,what we need to ask now is who stole more.
  • Uwazuruike George The english name of dat gov is TA ORJI meaning Theives After Orji