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Aba Good
Aba Good5 March 01:04
Read this and tell me who I am. Your guess is as good as mine:

I was booed 6 times by the people I'm leading just within 7.5 years.

I was in Kirikiri and my Oga made me the CEO of a State.

I denied my Boss who made enemies for himself just to bring me to power.

I shared my constituency allocation with my son just to punish the people that refused to cooperate with me.

I lost billions of Naira in the hand of my Oga while I tried to buy ship with my constituency allocation.

I abolished "Mamacracy" and set up "Familycracy".

I deceived Ambassadors, Ministers and serving Senators to relinquish their positions and come home and test their popularity among the people only to adopt one person from nowhere.

I turned an Apostle just to anoint someone who will cover my mess if I succeed by imposing my own candidate on the people.

I'm owing all my teachers (from Primary school to the Tertiary institution) while I give out millions of Naira when someone brings gossip to me.

I abandoned the city that feed my State but still insist they pay their revenue.