Agudosi Nnamdi Writes to Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan

"Dear Jona,
It might not really matter to you at this point and I am quite sure you saw it coming that was why you refused to go back to FCT yesterday even your opposition flew back to FCT confidently. Looking back now you have nothing to lose after all you were never interesting in federal politics it was a shear of luck that brought you to the limelight. You have succeeded in exposing the Igbos as the enemies of the incoming president. Perhaps, you will agree with me that your highest votes so far came from the BIAFRIAN SOVEREIGN STATES, we gave you a brotherly love even when you did nothing to justify that kind gesture in your six years in seat.

However, I hope you have learned your lessons, in your next life adventure you MUST learn to be rigid, brittle, rugged and avoid favoritism, non chalant attitude and trust no body. It's a big shame that those people you call your friends and faithful followers can't deliver their states to you eg David Mark(Senate president) and Sambo(Vp). You all should cover yours heads in SHAME!!! And I wish you goodluck as you retire in OTUOKE former GEJ.
Finally, GMB is victorious and we the Igbos will once again become his staunch enemies as usual all because of you. God bless BIAFRA!!!"