Winning an election to many in Nigeria is either a function of luck or deliberate manoeuver by the government in power, little did they know that Grace, strategies and goodwill among the populace can secure one any political position in life. When Hon. Rtn Prestige Ossy defected from PDP to APGA some thought that that was the most dangerous mistake of his political career, not knowing that he had just made the wisest and most profitable decision.

His emergence as the Representative of Aba North and South Federal Constituency in the just concluded March 28 election did not come to us as well as many residents of Aba and people that knows him as a surprise package but a victory well-deserved. We, for long anticipated his victory. He has got all it takes to win any election in a place where true democracy is practiced.

After careful examination, we came to this conclusion that his emergence as the incorruptible seed that will represent, defend and fix Aba, the business nerve centre of Abia State were not far from the following itemized reasons:

1.     He is the round peg that can fit into the round hole of opportunity created by his predecessor.
2.     The people of Aba were already fed up with PDP that do nothing but shower them with empty and unachievable promises at every electioneering season. And having seen a man with conglomerate of businesses that will fix Aba under the platform of APGA, they voted massively for him.
3.     Aba residents needed change at all cost. This unquenchable appetite for change motivated them to stand several hours under the scorching sun to vote out mediocrity and vote in excellence. In an attempt to rig the election by the ruling party, large crowd numbering in their thousands gathered at Aba Town Hall, the headquarters of Aba South L.G.A. to protest against any form of election malpractice that will deny their candidate, Hon. Rtn Prestige Ossy his mandate.
4.     Hon Rtn Prestige Ossy gained the people’s confidence through his performance as a two term Chairman of Association of Nigeria License Customs Agents (ANLCA), Onne Seaport Chapter and the 1St Deputy President of Aba Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture (NACCIMA).
5.     His extraordinary philanthropic activity stood him out and made the poor, the less privileged and even people that have not met him in person to speak well of him.
6.     And finally, his political visions were the true solution every resident and lover of Aba has always prayed for. Residents of Aba needed someone who will fix Aba, so to hear that “ABA MUST BE FIXED” from Hon Rtn Prestige Ossy came as the only antidote to their quest.