“Who do we report to when intimidated and harassed by the Agboro boys (hired touts) in aba?” – Aba Residence

The question of who to report to is the trending discussion in Aba today as was gathered by Aba is Good Online Magazine. This question came as a result of the fraternity being seen among the Agboro boys and the Nigeria Police Force, Aba Area. The Agboro boys now work with the police in arresting people in Aba.

In Aba here these Agboro boys are known as Catcher (that is, people paid according to the number of people they were able to catch).

In most cases these Agboro boys go with the Police belt and baton to arrest and intimidate people either in their shops, homes or on the street while the Policeman (most times not on uniform) stays in the bus to issue command.

Since this fraternity has continued to increase and does not seem to ever come down except for a change of government, the worry and fears of Aba residence remains who to report to when next they are intimidated and harassed by these Agboro boys.

Aba residences are peaceful and law abiding but if this continues, there’s possibility that they might be forced to take laws into their hands for defense. I want to believe you know what that means because the total number of street fights will escalate. Remember, hoodlums might take advantage of this to unleash mayhem on the city.

I pray the Nigeria Police Force will get to read about this letter and act accordingly.  If we don’t have enough police to cater for the security of Aba more should be deployed. These Agboro boys are not trained. They don’t have respect for human rights. Believe us that they are one of the great reasons many investors are packing out of the city. In one occasion they broke into someone’s house simply because they had instruction to arrest someone from that yard and when they did, they saw that the guy was sleeping. To make matters worse, where they took him was not even a police station even though a policeman had accompanied the arrest.

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