1. Discover where the money is: who are your ideal customers?
2. Create enough stimulus in your PRODUCTS and ADVERTS: VALUE vs FEATURES. Customers are looking for value not features. Give them what they want.
3. Beat the customer’s expectations. There’s no such thing as loyal customers. If you don’t meet your customer’s expectation, forget the loyal stuff.
4. First impression decides if the prospect will finally choose your product or services. Always WOW your customers and keep improving on the ways you serve them.
5. Tell the truth and build TRUST. Without trust, no customer will be willing to part his or her money in buying your product.
6. Timing in business (understand the seasons in your business, what sells more in the New Year and what doesn't?).
7. ‪#‎Communicate‬ with your ‪#‎Customers‬: Via phone or email. Let them know you care. ‪#‎Social‬ ‪#‎media‬ is making the ‪#‎job‬ easier these days.
8. Do not compete but collaborate. ‪#‎Network‬ with partners and never compete against anyone. Remember, together everyone achieves more.
9. Effective ‪#‎marketing‬ cuts across every ‪#‎department‬ in your ‪#‎business‬.
10. Treat one customer like you’re treating a hundred more. The magic of ‪#‎REPEAT‬ ‪#‎SALES‬ is that one satisfied ‪#‎customer‬ can sing your praises before 100 friend who could become your clients.
11. Market like a ‪#‎CONSULTANT‬ not like a #SALES ‪#‎PERSON‬. Let your prospect know that you’re not marketing to get his money to but sell something that will add value to him.

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Jephter Akahie
Jephter Akahie is a Business Coach & President, Power Edge Business Coaching Academy @PEBCAONLINE. He is a renowned Business Psychologist, Author and Entrepreneur.

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