CasperJoe, Aba Boy Based In Lagos Calls Ndi to Vote For Agbaje

To All IGBOs and Non-indigens of lagos
I CasperJoe @casperjoeo has not really had time to react to the comment made by oba of lagos. But take this piece.

Brothers and sisters the die is cast. Ndi Igbo Our integrity has been insulted, are we going to sit back, fold our arms and watch Oba Akiolu use us to catch his groove? The issue now is that d oba has made mess of his throne and Ambode's chance of Governing Lagos. We d igbos should not swallow the insult. Its a big slap on our faces. Let's come out in mass and Vote Jimi Agbaje on Saturday as the next Governor of Lagos state 2015. I am proudly igbo (Nwa afor) and i refused to be Intimidated by a drunk and partisan Monarch.was he high on substance or hallucinating?or was it the sprit of Origin? I know my right and my vote counts.‪#‎rebrocast‬#Proudlynwafor#

Vote Jimi agbaje. for lagos. Is a dream come through.

He went the extra mile of using him as his profile picture on facebook