KlinkDaDrunk Makes Fun of Oba of Lagos Speech, Calls the Igbos not to take the threat lightly

He has this to say which he posted on his facebook page.

"Fellow Nigerians, I'm happy to inform you that I have just bought myself a life jacket and swim pants. I'm also hoping that my small swimming skills acquired from my days of swimming at Nwaorie River, will help me survive the Lagoon or Atlantic Ocean where the Oba of Lagos has threatened to drown Igbos in Lagos, if we don't vote for his APC candidate. Y

I respect our Traditional rulers and take their threat seriously. I know they are custodians of our tradition/culture but didn't know they are now gods; with powers to decide who rules, who we vote for and even cause Sunami.

Please, Oba, I'm registered to vote in Imo but I live in Lagos. Even if I was allowed to vote in Lagos, I would have voted for Jimmy Agbaje. I live on the mainland, would you bring the Lagoon to Ikeja or will you wait till I visit the Island?

When one lunatic took to Twitter to ask people to kill Igbos if Gen Buhari loses the election, I thought it was a joke taken too far but a similar threat coming from a respected Oba is not a joke. Why are people trying to create crises when President Jonathan has set the pace for peace.

Why victimize the Igbo tribe that has not had the chance to produce a president since the beginning of Nigeria's modern Democracy? The only geopolitical zone with 5states while others have 6 and above.

Since after the massive killing of Igbos during the civil war, why are our brothers willing to shed Igbo blood at the slightest provocation?

The Igbos make everywhere they go their home, they develop and grow the commerce. We epitomize the oneness of this great Country.

Let it be known, fellow Nigerians that the Igbos love peace but are never afraid. We will not be intimidated in any space within Nigeria.
Let there be Peace! ‪#‎oneNigeria"

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