Letter to Professor Jega From Abians

Abians have suffered in the hand of T.A. Orji and PDP, and will continue to suffer if you don't intervene. Come to Abia State and you will witness high level of infrastructure decay. Ask any Abian and you will see the hunger for change. We have known you as a man of integrity and we trust your judgement and conscience to be upright.

Please Sir, save Abia and Abians from another 8 years of long suffering. We need Dr Alex Otti to transform Abia and bring in investors. We don't want PDP. Let the 3 cancelled LGAs remain cancelled.

Help us. We youths are unemployed, but the unemployment is actually not our problem but our major challenge is when there's no enabling environment for us to display the various talents we have on our inside and get investors to buy into it. Who would want to come into Aba to invest seeing the poor and inaccessible roads we have. You may not have drove from Aba to Port-Harcourt or from Aba to Akwa Ibom but you can make contacts now and ask people how bad these roads are. Gov. T.A. Orji and his son have held this State in bondage for too long and if you don't act now nothing might change.

Check the result of the poll made by NOI Polls you will believe with me that Abians really need change. Aliko Dangote, Emeka Offor, Arthur Eze and many other billionaires in Nigeria ought to have invested in Aba and Abia State because we have the manpower and creativity to drive a successful business but they can't make such mistake in a State as dirty as Aba. Nothing is working here except our nominal businesses.

Posterity will applaud you and Abians can never forget you in a hurry if you help us declare Dr Alex Otti the winner of 2015 Abia Gubernatorial election.

No one paid me to write this, but I'm writing to know if something can be done to make me change my mind of leaving the State if Dr Alex Otti was denied the Right Abians gave him to lead them.
Sir, I wish to drop my pen for now but I want you to follow the will of the majority, other than that of few individuals who want to influence the wish of the masses with their powers and money. Why are they clinching to the power so much if he and his son are not afraid of going to jail? From where do you expect Okezie Ikpeazu to pay back those money borrowed from Governor T. A. Orji's family from? We voted for President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan in the last election but T. A. Orji added President Jonathan's vote to his making Abia State look as if we don't like and want President Goodluck.

Prof Jega, help our future by helping Abians today. We want Alex, we want APGA.