Reagan Ufomba Under Attack By Facebookers

"Great Friends......"It is not yet over until it is over......"
Though the path on which we thread and atmosphere under which we operate may appear rough and unfamiliar to few, you remained steadfast; leading to a remarkable outing in Abia.
I can assure you it would be clearer at dawn.....

Infact, I see light at the end of the tunnel.
Thank you for the massive support and for voting APGA.
Remember my popular saying that "Quitters don't win and winners don't quit".....
Together We Shall Make Abia Great Again !
No retreat, No Surrender !!"

After Reagan Ufomba, the 2011 APGA Flag Bearer for gubernatorial election in Abia State made the above comment on his facebook wall, facebookers attacked him with the following comments:

Young ChEf are you the flag bearer sir?  
Uzo Uzo Mtcheeeeeew 
Favour Nazy Ngozi I don't tink this is Ochiagha 
Ndubueze Franklin Who is incharge you Sir or Otti  
Favour Nazy Ngozi So u are part of the corruption right? I pity u  
Ikenna Nwaozuru Tel him 
Favour Nazy Ngozi GOD will disapoint all of u, a young guy like u, imagine what u are saying, God deliver Abia 
Ericdon Odinaka Sir is this u or was ur account hacked..? 
Ukansi Kalu Huoma stop deceiving people, APGA in the day, PDP in the nite 
Isaiah Ogbonnaya U can't even mobilise your own constituency to vote for APGA. Only waiting to reap from where you didn't sow. ... I'm not surprised...... 
Emenike Emmanuel You can only reap where you sowed. 
Agbaeze Ogbu Ujah Ochi agha,what are you up to & what are you talking about? Don't be a confussionist. Do you think Otti will fight this war & you will come and reap? You are joking. If it is that your court case, forget it. 
Ikenna Ikechukwu Trash
  • Sen-john Ferdinand Obinnaya Nwoke lu chaa ogu nwanyi enwere akuko. 
    Josiah Mandela Chikezie Let's just watch and see the finishing line of this marathon   
    Igwe Chima Kaluigwe i dnt understand dis man again oo,i tot is ur version of APGA dt endotsef Ikpeazu saying APGA hz stepd dwn for PDP, Nawaoo  
    Uba Dandy Chibuike @sirje i knw u are our INEC chairman which day wl u declare oti as governor.hahahahaha guyz i like abia state system of government,smbdy wl win in a normal circumstance,bt d failure wll be declared as d winner.Guyz easy this z politics after evry tin dat person u are nt dreaming of wl be d nxt gvnor of abia state.   
    Emmanuel Sirje Chiboy Yes apga vote otti gov..   
    Chidi-christian Ugoala Akudo Nwanya, You are not only a sloth but a vegetable.