Chief Dr Theodore Ahamefula Orj

When you came to power we rejoiced.
The entire state was excited to see you enthroned into that highly exalted office as the Chief Executive Officer of Abia State.

To the Motherless, it was a new hope.
To the widows and widowers, it was one of the greatest things that ever happened to them.
And to the youths and entrepreneurs, we were already feeling like lottery winners.
And to the few who know little or nothing about lottery, they were already feeling like Dangote.

Some of us had speculations, programs and strategies on how we will develop this city to become one of the most desirable cities in the world.
We were not skeptical about the possibility because we have got all it takes to make it come to pass.
We have the resources and are of course resourceful indeed.

We thought by now some of us would have been competing favourably in net worth with the renowned Facebook Founder, Mark Zuckerberg.
Mark Zuckerberg rose to affluence as a Billionaire in a space of 10 years.
You have spent 8 years as our Governor already and most of us have not felt the impact of your governance.

Some of my friends asked me not to write about this since it is now too late for you to make it up to us but I resisted the temptation because I want the next Governor of Abia State (your Successor) to know that Abia Youths are not sleeping.
We will always watch his decisions, and like enterprising individuals, we will not fail to ask ourselves, “How do this government’s decisions help us save money, make money and multiply money?”

With our unique selling points in the areas of leather works and clothing (fashion designing), I am very optimistic that most of Aba Residents would have made some landmarks in the world records if your administration that began from 2007-2015 (8 years) had done at least 50% of what it promised.

We thought by now our city (Aba - Enyimba) would have shown us a tincture of what Paradise is like.
We imagined how we will shuttle from our own Airport to Seaport and other mind blowing developments in the State as a direct result of your campaign promises.
We thought about other great level of developments in Abia State but you shocked us to the bone by leaving us just like you met us – if not worst. I am sorry to say that but the truth must be told.

Your Excellency, as you bow out from The Government House, permit me to ask you this;
1.     Where are all those underground pipes borne water our Parents told us were in Aba before – during Sam Mbakwe regime? I will allow you to share the blame with Dr Orji Uzor Kalu (Former Governor of Abia State).
2.     Where are all those good roads you flashed on NTA that your administration did? I guess some of them were ‘make-believes.’

You told us you were in bondage in the first 4 years of your administration, which all of us – including myself believed to be true because I was almost tempted to pray for the death of your oppressors but what happened in your second tenure?

The road you said you constructed has killed our Drivers and Passengers alike.
From the little we learnt in Primary School, cars don’t swim, but your administration proved my Primary School Teacher wrong that in some part of the world, like Ohanku road, Obohia road, Port-Harcourt road, Osusu road, Omuma road, Nwaobasi Estate, Faulk’s road etc cars can still swim.

Oh my God! When have cars turned out to be better driven in water?
When have our houses and streets turned out to be better reservoirs for water?
People living in some part of Aba will rather live the entire year praying that it does not rain because if it does, their whole properties will be swimming before they get home. But how will the soil yield increase if it does not rain?

In few hours you will bow out. And in few hours Abians will have a sigh of relief. But be rest assured that those Elder Statesmen of Abia you furnished and serviced with the State Treasury will turn around to spit on your face. You have a lot to learn from what has befallen President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. The men who sang his praises have turned around to not only desert him but shout “crucify him!”

As you vacate the Government seat of Abia State which from your character in the last 8 years you thought was eternal, be rest assured that the families of those Non-indigenes you sacked, the Teachers and Local Government workers you refused to pay their salaries for months, Students you hiked their tuition fees, the new Government you are leaving huge debt for and Aba Residents you denied dividends of democracy may not forgive you.

We will forever remember you as the Governor who gave cars to party faithful to drive in bad roads.
We will forever remember you as the Governor who gave cars to old men and old women called Ochendo women as a Youth Empowerment program.
We will forever remember you as the Governor who hurriedly commissioned four completed shops at Aba Mega Mall just because you want it to bear your name.
We will remember you as the Governor who used GrandStar Construction Company to construct roads with cements and shovels.
We will remember you as the Governor whose son manipulated his father’s administration (and was more feared than his father), threatened his father’s subjects and imposed his personal decisions on Abians and is richer than the entire State.

May I bring to your notice (even though it might be late) that they were many who left the city of Aba and Abia State for good owing to your kind of leadership.

 Let it be known that a mother who left her child because he is having running stomach will not be qualified to have him back when he is healthy.

My Excellency, I leave you to your thought.

Long live Aba!
Long live Abia State!
Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

I represent the voice of the Abia youths.