How Being Optimistic Can Help You Succeed By Okezikam Joshua

Optimism is the tendency to expect the best or at least a favourable outcome. It is the belief that good things will triumph over evil. On the other hand, pessimism is the belief that bad things will happen. People who are always pessimistic can be identified by the way they are greeted by the bad side of life. 

Whether you are optimistic or pessimistic, one word that cannot be alienated from each of them is the word “belief.” This stands to mean that in each case and condition, you have the unreserved choice to make. And guess what? You simply have to dissipate the same amount of energy to be either optimistic or pessimistic.

While being optimistic will help you attract positive things into your life, being pessimistic will ultimately attract the negative. A pessimist thinks of failure, while optimist thinks of success.

Pessimism leaves one worried, while on the contrary, optimism leaves one satisfied and built up.

A Pessimist says; “this pain on my chest was the same thing my mother went through but could not survived it.” An Optimist says; “this sickness is not permanent, it is not going to last forever – I know my redeemer lives.” Pessimism takes away your joy, your sleep and your time; while optimism gives you joy and put you on the position of authority. Pessimism gives you a thousand reasons why your attempt for relevance and influence is not going to work, while optimism tells you, “you can!” It reminds you of your untapped abilities, skills and qualities.

Why choose to be pessimistic and end a failure when you can actually turn your life around by simply being optimistic? It will take nothing away from you to see life from the positive perspective. Don’t let anyone confuse you. Being optimistic may be the only secret to success you need now to release your unlimited potential.

If you can change your expectation, you can change your possession.

About the writer

Okezikam Joshua is a young Motivational Speaker, a Freelance writer, a Levite and an active member of Emchis Motivational Network – a network of talented people with major interest in Personal development, Business development and Public Speaking. He is a Columnist in Aba is Good Online Magazine. He is passionate about the affairs of Teenagers and is making strenuous effort to take up leadership position in the society. Indeed, he is an invaluable asset to our generation.