Dr Okezie Ikpeazu, Abia State Governor

This article is not intended to arouse hatred against any tribe; rather, we just want to answer some of the questions bugling in the minds of most Residents of Aba who are not indigenes of Ukwa-Ngwaland.

From the information Aba is Good Online Magazine gathered, that question is summarized like this; “what is the fate of non-Ngwa indigenes called “Ndi Ohuhu” leaving in Aba?

Recall that during Abia Gubernatorial election, several threats were in the air concerning the fate of “Ohuhu” people doing business and are resident in Aba. Rumours had it that Ukwa-Ngwa youths had concluded plans to set ablaze all the major markets in Aba simultaneously should Dr Okezie Ikpeazu lose the election against his immediate opponent – Dr Alex Otti of APGA, who it is opined by some Ngwa indigenes not to be a true son of the soil.

It is not in doubt that Aba voted heavily against PDP which unfortunately, Dr Okezie Ikpeazu who hails from the same zone was a flag bearer of. But the general information gathered then was that Aba could not reserve their discontentment and resentment against the administration of Chief Theodore Ahamefula Orji (Former Governor of Abia State), who the people’s opinion said “ruined the Sate.”

I believe His Excellency will not count it against them because they were only exercising their franchise.

However, Aba Residents, especially the “Ohuhu” people are watching to know what their punishment for voting massively against an Indigene becomes.

The “kepu-kepu” (that is, rumours) flying round the city has it that some of these things might be their hard-to-swallow rewards for going against their Landlords:

1.     Buildings blocking drainages especially in places like Ohanku, Obohia, Crystal Parks, Omuma, Osusu, Faulk’s roads etc will be demolished without compensation; after all they are believed to be illegal structures. When this happens, great number of “Ohuhu” people will be heavily displaced and made homeless.

2.     Increment in bills for Residents of Aba. So far, not much has been said by Dr Okezie Ikpeazu towards eliminating the “multiple taxation” going on in Aba. Arguably, it was one of those things that constituted the hate Aba Residents seem to have against the Former Governor of Abia State, Chief T. A. Orji. This agenda will be cosmetically packaged as a new approach to raise the State’s Internally Generated Revenue - IGR.

3.     Houses whose owners could not provide Certificate of Ownership when demanded of them may likely be confiscated by the State Government as a means to get back at “Ndi Ohuhu” – Non-indigenes.

4.     Ownership of lands in rural communities surrounding Aba that has not been developed for many years may be revoked.

5.     Appointments to special offices like that of SSG and Chief of Staff this time around may become Ngwa Agenda, after all, the last administration favoured Bende agenda by appointing Professor Mkpa Mkpa from Abiriba as the SSG and Chief Cosmos Ndukwe from Item as the Chief of Staff.
Meanwhile, these 5 points listed above in our Online Magazine today are mere speculations from some Residents we were opportune to meet. It does not represent the opinion of the new administration led by Dr Okezie Ikpeazu.
You can as well move round the city of Aba to gather your personal findings.

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