The intensity at which Engr. Chinedu Orji is going about his SPEAKERSHIP dream is nothing but desperate.

Based on information from within his camp, it is said that he has prepared 10 million for each House of Assembly member that will support his dream and that they are also ready to intimidate members to accept his SPEAKERSHIP dream.

Meanwhile even within the PDP elected members, 6 out of the 12 so far are not comfortable with his desire because they believe it will be an extension of his fathers dynasty which will not be good for the newly elected Governor.

We are also informed that all the elected members from the Ngwa axis are completely oppose to his SPEAKERSHIP dream, and they prefer to make an APGA member speaker instead of Ikuku because they believe the sole aim of Ikuku SPEAKERSHIP is to checkmate Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu which is against the Ngwa's political conspiracy.

Speaking with a House of Assembly member elect (name withheld), he said "Ikuku can never be speaker, he better abandon that elephant project because it will not work. We have two time members who were re elected and they have the needed experience to be speaker, not Ikuku who is a baby in law making".

The game is still on, more information coming...

Source: Abia Facts Newspaper