My Biggest Fears About Okezie Ikpeazu By Eze Solomon Nwoko

Dr Okezie Ikpeazu, Governor-Elect Abia State

 Before a project starts, there has to be stages.

 1. There has to be a feasibility study.

 2.  There has to be a conceptual engineering.

3.  Then there will be a detailed engineering which will be reviewed by the owners of the job (State ministry of works/ consultants) This will be an IFR (Issue for review). 

4. Then when the reviews are done then there will be IFB (Issue for Bid) where qualified contractors will be invited publicly to bid for the job and which ever contractor that wins the contract is made public and handed a package IFC (Issue for construction).

The reason why contract is awarded to established companies and due process followed is that if anything goes wrong, they have enough insurance or bond to cover it.

Why am I making al these explanations? Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu does not seem to understand the process. He said he will start construction/rebuilding Ohanku road and 4 other areas by June 1 that is 3 days after swearing in ceremony. He doesn't understand that what he intends to spend is PUBLIC Money and as well he should follow due process. Who are the companies? Is ministry of works involved? On what capacity has he been making the negotiations, what quality of work is he going to do without proper detailed engineering? Who is the contractor? Is due process followed?

Please somebody should educate Okezie Ikpeazu....he doesn't get how the process works. In his bid to please or impress Abia people, let him not end up shooting himself at the foot...Just an advice from a concerned Abian.

If I were him I will concentrate on paying the Abia workers and use the few months to assemble professionals and consultants to kick start the process since he knows Dr. Alex .C Otti is coming to take over in just few months..Enyinnaya E. Appolos please call the attention of your principal to this.

Whatever is worth doing, is worth doing well!