Top 5 Things Churches (Pastors) In Aba Should Teach Their Members (Part One)

Aba, like every other city in the Southeast Nigeria is a religious city. This is exemplified by the numerous Churches and Prayer Houses scattered all over the streets. There is absolutely no School (Primary, Secondary and Tertiary institution) where there is no fewer than 4 Churches worshipping every Sunday morning and at least 2 Prayer Ministries every Friday night.

The cost of renting a warehouse has skyrocketed in Aba, Enyimba city, courtesy of Churches who are willing to pay any amount to have it as long as it is located on a good site. Importers and Churches are now competing for warehouses in Aba. Arguably, the combined financial strength of Churches (at least one denomination) in Aba is enough to build one of the most envied Leather industries in the world.

The want to become a General Overseer is the reason behind most Churches sprouting from every corner in Aba. This same business mentality prevalent in Aba might be the drive too.

However, God can and is still using this platform to reach out to more souls, but the One Million Dollar question is; ‘what becomes the fate of these Churches if a good, credible and responsible administration takes over in Abia State?’ ‘What happens to all the Churches in Primary and Secondary Schools if an Education-loving Governor takes over?’ Will he be called ill-names if he should ask these Churches to leave? Well, whatever happens, let it be.

Despite the thousands of Prayer Houses and Churches in Aba, the character of a typical Aba man barely changes. In fact, it seems it doesn’t develop either.
On this judgment, we want to solicit on behalf of the Abia State Government, potential Investors, Elites and Lovers of Aba that Churches should beyond all other things teach their members these five (5) things:

1.     Teach them The Word of God
The Word of God is the sword of God, the life of God and the creative weapon of God. The Bible records in Genesis chapter one that God created the Heaven and the earth, and all within them by His spoken Word.

If the Church begins to teach her members the Word of God, Aba will become a better city; at least, the most desirable city to live in Nigeria.

Don’t charge them for the word of God which they have received in the name of sowing seed; otherwise most of them who are not mature in character will do ANYTHING to make money the next week just to be able to pay for the Word they will receive the following Sunday. Some have been psyched to believe that until they pay for it, it won’t work in their life.
To be continued…

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