Top 5 Things Churches (Pastors) in Aba Should Teach Their Members (Part Two)

1.     Teach Them to Pay Their Taxes
Less than 10 percent of Churches in Nigeria advise their members to pay their taxes. Jesus said; “give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God.”

In the same manner you teach your members to pay their tithes, also teach them to pay their taxes. Aba and of course Nigeria cannot develop beyond the limit her citizens are willing to pay their taxes. God demands that we pay our taxes as our responsibility to our nationality. Jesus, while on earth paid His tax, we too must pay ours.

We don’t have the moral stand to accuse The Abia State Government if we don’t pay our taxes.  How do you expect our Schools, Hospitals and Roads to be constructed when Residents of Aba, Enyimba City don’t pay their tax? We can’t depend on the Federal Allocation alone to be able to build Aba to becoming the most desirable city to live in Nigeria.

Not paying your tax is not only an insubordination to God, but also to the constituted authority.

2.     Teach Them to Collect Their PVC and Vote During Election
Apart from prayer and our believe, the actionable act of faith in enthroning the right candidate into power in a democratic system of governance is to step out there on the election day and cast your vote. The Bible says faith without work is dead. 
The Bible says when the Righteous is in authority the people rejoice, but when the wicked is in authority, the people mourn. But how then can the righteous get there when the righteous are reluctant to vote?
The Church must stop being naïve. Pastors must of necessity teach their members to get their PVC, step out whether in the rain or the sun and cast their votes. Their votes are their power.
The political cabals and demonic agents in politics do selection instead of election because the people [funny enough, the members of the Church] refused to vote. Even when they vote, they do it shabbily and reluctantly with little or no strength to stand and defend their votes.
If this is true as we all know, why are we surprise that our political sector is not getting better?
Pastors in Aba must teach the members of their Churches to collect their Permanent Voter’s Card (PVC) and vote for someone who has the interest of God and the people at heart.
To be continued…
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