Top 5 Things Churches (Pastors) in Aba Should Teach Their Members (Part Three)

1.     Teach Them to Keep Aba Clean

There is no better platform to discuss the need to keep Aba and its environs clean except the Pulpit. The city of Aba is getting messier by the day but thanks to the new government who we believe we revitalize Aba again.

Pastors must teach their members that “cleanliness is next to godliness.” God don’t dwell in dirty environment. In the Old Testament, He seriously warned the Israelites to keep their camp clean.

It is one of those errors Aba is Good Online Magazine saw in Aba and Abia State as a whole that despite how religious we are, the layman on the street is still unable to overcome the temptation of throwing empty bottle water and sachet water (pure water sachet) on our streets. People prefer to sweep their dirt into gutter than at the dustbin.
If this error must be brought to its minimum, the government should begin to use the instrumentality of the Church in inculcating discipline and cleanliness into her citizens.
Share this message with all the Pastors and Church Leaders you know. Tell them to warn their members to stop contributing to the cost of maintenance of Abia State.
Most sicknesses which are consequences of unhealthy environment may not need to be prayed for if our environment is clean.

Don’t hide the truth from them. 

Tell them that it is an abomination against nature to dump refuse in drainages.
Tell them it is an abomination to throw banana pills through the window of a moving vehicle. 

Tell them they are hypocrites and that God is against them if they accuse the Government of Abia State of the bad odour on various streets of Aba even when they see people urinate along the street but do nothing to confront their mediocrity.  Funny enough, some of them join forces with people who engage in this madness to pollute the air in those areas.

Tell them that God has called Christians to be the light, the salt and the city set on a hill. We Christians must remain the solution provider God made us to be. We must continue to set the pace for all to follow in righteousness, holiness, cleanliness and maturity.

2.     Teach Them to Discover Their Talents

 One of the greatest seeds God sowed into man is the seed of talent. Our responsibility is not plant a new talent but to discover the ones God gave us, develop and maximize them.

Churches and Pastors in Aba, Abia State must see the need to teach her members how important it is to discover their talents. No man born of a woman is not without at least one talent.

God will never do for men what He has given them the ability to do via their talents. God was not looking forward to having a robot when he created man. Residents of Aba must see themselves as talented individuals, and do all they can to live up to their potentials.

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