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If your business name, stage name, the book you authored, the music you sang or even your name is Googled on the internet, what shows up?

If an investor whose interest in business has much to do with yours comes into Aba, will your business be remembered quickly? Will the person take notice of your existence in this part of the world?

And let me even ask you this question, what effort are you making or have made in the past to promote your business to your prospective customers?

Well, as an Online Magazine committed to promoting businesses and talented individuals in Aba (Enyimba city) and its environs, we offer you an all-important opportunity to enlist your business (and skills for Musicians, Writers, Bloggers, Public Speakers etc) in ABA BUSINESS DIRECTORY.

The benefits you will derive when you enlist your business in Aba Business Directory is far bigger than the service charge required of you for the site maintenance.

To get enlisted in Aba Business Directory, simply forward the following to abaisgoodblogs@gmail.com with the title – Aba Business Directory:

1.     Business Name
2.     Business Address
3.     Telephone numbers
4.     E-mail Address
5.     Web Address
6.     Social Media link
7.     Brief information of what your business does.

Service Charge: N1,000 annually but the first 100 businesses to subscribe will have 50% discount.

Let your voice be heard. Give your business another great opportunity to blossom. Subscribe today to Aba Business Directory.

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