3 Ways Businesses in Aba Can Gain Global Recognition

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Are you a businessperson doing business in Aba or intends to tap into the vast and unseasonal business opportunities in this part of world like the leather works industry, tourism and hospitality industry, textile and fashion industry, education, aviation, automobile and agricultural industry?

Do you have the dream of building an outstanding business you can be proud of? Are you a local producer hoping to go into foreign partnership any moment from now as Foreign Investors approaching Aba is Good Online Magazine for directives gets more serious?

If your answer to any of these questions is “yes”, congratulations! This is because you are about to be opened up to a new height of knowledge that can make your local business to receive international recognition and endorsement.

Aba city is popularly known round the globe as a commercial city with over 90 percent of her Residents fully or partly involved in one business or the other. The business mindset of the people of Aba has gone a long way in helping them carve a niche for themselves everywhere they are found.

A core Aba brought up does not necessarily need to go to Harvard Business in order to identify available business opportunities in his neighbourhood. Even from the most ridiculous and discarded commodities, an Aba man can found gathering it and making reasonable amount of money from it to take care of the family.

As far as Aba is concern, nothing is a waste. Even at the waste bins, we still behold clusters of young men turning the refuses upside down in search of materials like bottles, metal scraps, used cartons, plastics, nylon etc.

One of the inspirational things about this entrepreneurial mentality of Aba residents is that most of the millionaires in our city today all started this way. Greater percentage of these guys began with no capital, but today, they can proudly feed and train their families.

In some subsequent articles I listed out reasons why you need to invest in Aba, Abia State but today, I want to talk to residents doing business in Aba city on the need to build a business that can be globally recognized and how to do it.

It is our heart desire as the first and only Online Magazine in Aba that all businesses located in this part of the world will become a principality that can be reckoned with.

Without further delay, let us quickly share the 3 points if well applied can gain any businessperson in Aba or in any part of Nigeria global recognition.

1.     Advertise Your Business On Blogs
I would have advised you to build your own personal blog but the challenge is that building a successful blog is not a child’s play. It takes and can take much more than anyone will tell you. So, instead of dividing your attention by building a blog and also advertising your business on the same blog yourself, you can leverage on the already available blogs to advertise your business.

Several times we have rolled out “Advertisement Jingles” requesting that businesses in Aba or that wants to target Aba should take advantage of our platform to promote their new product or services but only few are doing that. Why? The devil will always deceive people from investing in areas that would have generated them the highest leads. If you want your business to gain global recognition, bring it to us and will be help you do the rest. In Aba is Good Online Magazine, we give businesses laudable voice on the internet.

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2.     Join Social Networks
One of the fastest and easiest ways of giving your business a global recognition is to join various social networks.

Some of the available social networks that have remained relevant not just to us but also to our clients currently are;

When you join these social network sites, build a professional profile of yourself so that you will be seen as an authority figure. Join relevant groups and make sure you contribute to the trending discussions intelligently. If you keep doing this, in less than one year, an investor will fly into Nigeria in search of you or will request for your presence overseas.
3.     Be Original
Nothing excites investors like seeing someone whose products as a manufacturer are original. Create a pay back guarantee for your product whenever you are promoting it to the international body and be sure you can do that. Do not be rush to launch a new product. Stick to quality over quantity and the whole world will celebrate you.

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