Advice To Single Guys

Some guys are still naive and ignorant of what marriage really entails. Before you marry a lady, there are many things you need to consider. Look beyond her shape, beauty, etc. Her beautiful shape, pretty face and sexy boobs will not give you a happy married life. You should be more concerned about those things that will make you enjoy your marriage. Right now many men are enduring their marriage. They are not enjoying it. The reason is that they married their wife because she is sexy, she is beautiful, she is good in bed and she has sexy shape. I wouldn't want you to make the same mistake. Before proposing to a girl,

1. Check her family background. Find out about the type of parents she has. It is dangerous to have bad inlaws.
2. The lady herself should be a God-fearing lady. You need God in your marriage.
3. She may not be 100% perfect in character but she should be a lady who takes correction and accepts her faults whenever she does a wrong thing.
4. She should be submissive and respect you.
5. She should be a lady who gives you advice and helps you to plan your life and who has something meaningful to offer to your life; not a girl who has nothing to offer except sex.
Marriage is not all about sex, it is an institution.

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