Genny Nazy Okoli, Winner
Having met all the requirements to scale into the utmost height in the last week contest for the most beautiful, most social and influential lady of the week, it is our humble privilege to announce to you the newest ABA IS GOOD ONLINE MAGAZINE LADY OF THE WEEK. Her name is Genny Nazy Okoli.

Brief Story About Genny Okoli
Genny Nazy, that is, Genevieve Chinaza Okoli is from Ezinifite Aguata, Anambra State. She is an undergraduate of Environmental Science and Resource Management, National Open University of Nigeria Abagana.

Genny Okoli is a bit tall, fair in complexion and the last born of her house. She loves dancing, reading and writing.

Recently, she joined a team of other writers as a Columnist at ABA IS GOOD ONLINE MAGAZINE where she writes every week on issues bordering on Romance.

While interacting with her about many things and on her wondrous emergence at the contest as the newest ABA IS GOOD ONLINE MAGAZINE LADY OF THE WEEK, these are what she had to say:

Q. How did you feel seeing all those beautiful ladies competing with you in the contest?
A. I must say it was a privilege to compete with those pretty damsels. Initially I was nervous competing with such beauties but as the contest was going on, I felt like it was a challenge which I needed to put my best. It was actually awesome contesting with them.

Q. How were you able to beat their records to emerge as the newest Aba is Good Online Magazine Lady of the Week?
A. I was able to beat them with the help of my family, my friends and some people I don’t even know. It was just awesome seeing people I don’t know voting heavily for me. 

Q. What do you intend to use your emergence as a celebrated personality in Nigeria to achieve?
A. Well, I believe in decency. I will put my major work on the dressing sense of our youth. I want to remind them that we are Africans not Americans, and believe that your dressing determines your worth.

Q. What do you have to say to those that voted you and made this dream a reality?
A. I have nothing much to tell them but thank you all for the love you all showed me. May God bless you all.
Q. What’s your appreciation to ABA IS GOOD ONLINE MAGAZINE Crew members and Editor for giving you this platform?
A. I’m speechless; you guys are one in a million. It wasn’t easy to bring such opportunity. I’m saying a big THANKS to all the ABA IS GOOD ONLINE MAGAZINE Crew, especially the Editor, thanks and God bless you.
Aba is Good Online Magazine Lady of the Week

Q. What is your dream after now?
A. My dream after now is to finish up in school and come out with good grades, and then work towards my dream of becoming a Writer.

Q. Your advice to Aba is Good Online Magazine and their readers?
A. All I am saying to them is more grease to their elbow for the great job they are doing, and to their readers, thank you so much for making out time to visit their website and read their articles.

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