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A wife suspected d husband of having sex wit their maid,then she set a trap for d husband by sending d maid 2 d village for d wkend witout teling d husband. At night, the husband told his usual story "darling i want to go n wtch wrestling in d sitting room" he left. The wife silently went 2 d maid's room lying down on d bed naked without any light, he open d door and join her on d bed without wasting time n without a word, he had sex with her. After d fifth round she said, it's enough, i have caught u, so this is how u use to have sex with her, u will do two round n u wil tel me u are tired; fifth round now n u are still demanding for more...The gateman replied"AM SORI MADAM I DIDNT KNW U WERE D ONE" EWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! She shouted,then d husband rushed in n caught them, if u are d man or woman, what wil u do?...Dnt spoil d fun,spread it 2 ur friend n get a funny answer: